48 thoughts on “Outing Incognito

    • But then you have to put up with bare trees and cold after the leaves change. Thanks, Tiffany.

  1. Awwwww…. look at my tree!!!!!!!!
    Tim, this is absolutely gorgeous and the image you created with ‘above & below’ is just perfect!
    I love it and I’m so happy I picked this beautiful incognito tree! 🙂 👏👌🙏

    • Thanks, Marina. I’m so happy you like it. After I inserted to the two photos and looked at one image over the other I thought those two photos would make a perfect above and below a la Marina style.

  2. Amazing work here Tim….. just beautiful…. Reflective, and does indeed show As above so below…. I once did a painting using the same words as that… And also love Marinas artwork….
    Have a great day Tim.. 🙂

      • Hi Tim…. yes its posted.. If you go to my home page, scroll down the righthand side bar, you will see some of my art creations… ‘As above, so Below, is the fifth painting, A bare tree with blue background, if you click onto any of the circle painting it takes you to the slide show of art I have done.. 😀

      • That’s a beautiful painting. You have lots on lovely paintings in your circle gallery.

  3. Fabulous Tim!!
    Love this so much!
    As I said to Marina,

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