Reyes in the Snow

Gwendolyn: “You woke me up to tell me about some dumb celebration in the cold and snow?”

The first year we celebrated Reyes in Madrid, Spain it snowed. Not common for Madrid, and apparently Madrid got a lot of snow today. We stood outside in the cold and snow and watched a parade where the three Reyes Magos rode into town on Camels. Then we ate Spanish Chocolate. We have continued the tradition of eating Spanish Chocolate for Epiphany ever since. Today we celebrated outside in the cold and snow with a space heater, chimenea, fire pit, and a camp stove all burning to keep us warm. Since January 6th was on Wednesday, we waited until tonight, January 9th, to celebrate. However, instead of having our normal party with friends and neighbors coming to join in, we had family only. This was the first Reyes in the last 20 years that we didn’t invite everyone to partake in Spanish Chocolate.

The fires.

Silver napping.

Enjoying the heat when the temperature was 35ΒΊF outside.

Spunk napping.

The end of the party before I turned the torches and lantern out.

Glenda: “You are dumb enough to be outside in the cold. I’m staying in my cozy cubby.”

44 thoughts on “Reyes in the Snow

  1. This week has been historic!! Never has so much snow fallen across the country, especially in Madrid especially. Say hello to Glenda for me. 😊

    • Hi Anabel. Tristan, our daughter, had a photo of a man up to his waist in snow by the Thiessen. That’s a lot of snow to bring Madrid to a halt. We we cot snowed on that first Reyes we were there, it was more of a dusting of snow, but it really added to the magical atmosphere of the parade. Glenda says “Hi!” and sends her love with purrs, hugs and kitty kisses.

      • This year has been incredible!! Roads and airports without traffic. Nothing similar had ever been recorded. By the way, I send love, kisses and hugs to Glenda and the family as well. πŸ˜‰

      • At first our roads had sparse traffic, but it didn’t take long for people to be on the roads, again. Glenda and all of us thank you.

    • Hi Lavinia. Spanish chocolate is served like a hot pudding. It’s milk chocolate, milk and cornstrach for thickening.

  2. Thanks for sharing your 2021 (the result of 2020) with us. I appreciate how you and Laurie didn’t just have a smaller family gathering, but that you adapted it with things from your first Reyes in Spain-outdoors in the cold but with fires and heat.
    I have β€œsome” hope for Dr. Huey in May, but lots of hope for a birthday photo excursion in 2021.

  3. What a wonderful tradition! Love the photos and delight in your ability to have such a great array of sources of heat (plus the love of family – and in other years, friends)

    • Thanks, Linda. We had neighbors up the road, who moved a couple of years ago, used to have a community bonfire on Christmas Eve every year.

  4. If you tried this last night, here in Colorado, quite likely you would have been inside with your celebration. The snow, the cold, the icing. You could’ve done outdoors with a roaring bonfire.

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