Frosty Morning

Frosted backlit leaves.

We had a light dusting of snow combined with frost this morning. The sky cleared in the early morning hours and the temperature dropped to 20ºF (-6.66ºC).

Cranes and geese in a frosty mist.

Frosted links.

Marina’s Incognito Pear tree all cold and frosty.

Snow and frost on the black bamboo.


58 thoughts on “Frosty Morning

  1. Such a gorgeous morning scene. The cranes in the mist and Marina’s beautiful ( but somewhat bare)pear tree freezing out there. We must make a blanket for it! Wonderful morning photo shots Tim!

  2. You must have been cold out this morning. I enjoy all the images, but the geese and cranes image is especially appreciated.
    I had very little snow up here but Brandt sent a pic of a snow-covered tree with quite a bit.

    • True. Now that you mention it. I’m getting that type cast feeling. Like William Shatner is Captain James T. Kirk no matter what role he plays. Thanks, Jordan.

      • 🙂 You’re welcome. I’ll help you row that boat. Don’t know if we’ll row it ashore, though. I’m always amazed that Star Trek diversified into airline tickets. Well, maybe flight on earth isn’t so conceptually removed from…

      • We can thank Star Trek for sparking the ideas that have become our ever present communicators, personal electronic dictators, and the Perseverance of the Internet (once connected, always connected). A transporter to move things from one place to another via WiFi would be nice.

  3. Marina’s Incognito Pear looks magical.
    The second shot is quite special. It looks like an Impressionist painting.
    All gorgeous shots, Tim!

  4. Frost sure looks good. As always, you bring the best out in a scene. But the cold scares me….I cannot bear anything lesser than 25 degrees celcius….lol….I’m weird that way….beautiful pics though.

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