Ride To Live

Powdered white with snow
They live to ride ride to live
Maybe tomorrow

Tiny tracks in snow
Skunk lives to run runs to live
Scampers by at dawn

Valentine’s flowers
Glowing colors to behold
Kisses in the dark

49 thoughts on “Ride To Live

  1. Never would have thought of having motorcycles, skunks and bouquets in the same post! I love it with the perfect ‘Kus to go with!

  2. Three very distinct feelings with these photos, and your words bring them together so well. The skunk shot/GIF is priceless, I ran into one last week while visiting my home town πŸ™‚ The bike shot is just perfect… I’d be staying indoors as well.

  3. Love dem skunks! We used to have quite a few in our neighborhood. Then they were wiped out by some sort of disease (distemper maybe?). They’ve started to come back but the numbers are low. πŸ₯²

    • Thanks, Carol. We used to have a lot more skunks, also. But since the Great Horned Owls moved in, the skunk, bunny, and raccoon populations have gone down. GHOs are they only active preditors of skunks.

      • Owls sound pretty cool too. I discovered a hornet nest in my yard a couple years ago and was trying to figure out how to get rid of them. I didn’t want to use poison. Happily, days after realizing the nest was there, a skunk showed up and started feasting on them in the evenings. A week later the nest was gone. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, SKUNKS – very few make survive in my parts – you might see maybe one a summer, but for the most part either don’t like our hospitality or the coyotes figured out they can still be lethal hunters with a clothespin on their muzzles.

    • Mayber your skunks were descimated by skunk distemper. Carol mentioned the skunks where she lives were wiped out. Thanks, Brian.

  5. If You brought a flower for your spouse it is so nice πŸ‘πŸŒΊπŸ’– I hate when here all mens are shamed to be gentleman to their woman’s and expecting to be loved? Touched? Balkan mentality 🧠

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