Furry Frost Friday

This may be it for me. I’m tired of WordPress lying and forcing crap on me that I don’t want to deal with. WP techs told me the Classic Editor would always be available through the Admin page. Lowdown and behold, October 1st rolls around and it’s now the Classic “Blockhead” Editor. I’ve been blogging everyday for over 10 years now. Maybe this is a sign to give it up for a while. It’s not that I can’t learn to use the “blockhead” editor, it’s that I’m tired of being forced to use things I don’t want to use and there is no good reason WP has to have a “blockhead” editor and force people to use it.

66 thoughts on “Furry Frost Friday

  1. I was just discussing this very thing with my friend not two minutes ago. He is writing his last post on Sunday.
    He is so pissed. As am I. But hey, Timothy… for $21/month or $252/year, you can upgrade to business and get the “classic plugin” and then choose to write the way you have since the beginning. What a load of horseshit.
    That said… I am writing a post right now, and on the left, if you click on the blue plus sign and scroll down, you can work with a “classic” block. Still a pain in the ass and still not cool that they are forcing us to use this blockhead crap.
    I wonder how many bloggers they will lose?
    And… your images are lovely, by the way.

    • Hi Dale. elmediat mentioned there is a very cumbersome way to get to the classic editor, but it’s a real pain. I was running up against space limitations because of the size of videos, so I moved 14 of may videos to YouTube and embedded them my WP posts and regained 50% of my space. I would have to upgarde t0 the $252/year to get more space, but it’s not unlimited space like I have on Zenfolio for $50 a year. I might have to start using my Zenfolio blog again with a link to WP where it’s easier to comment.

      • Nope! Hang on… Lemme show you something fantabulous…(I just learned)
        In your Editor… Click on Posts. At the top, you will see a box that says “Add New” with a little arrow beside it. Click on the arrow and choose Classic…. Ta dah!!!
        If they keep than option there, they won’t lose too many customers…

      • Could be. Supposedly the block editor works better on a phone or tablet. But since I never use my phone to post, it’s lost on me.

      • It probably does and I have only written a post or two on my phone or tablet… eesh… never a fun thing.

      • You would need to dictate without a real keyboard. My phone has a difficult time with my way of speaking. When I dictate into the phone, some of the resulting word combos are quite humorous.

  2. Dang, I just checked and they switched me! I too thought the Classic Editor would always be available. I do have trouble learning new things at the present point in a chronic ailment. So I might not be able to learn this new way, especially since so many are reporting trouble with it. Why change things that already work. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    Fabulous images, Tim, I hope there is some way you can keep posting as I look forward to your posts every evening.

    • Hi Leah. When you are in All Posts from the Admin page, they have a menu by New that allows you to select the Classic Editor. But if you select Posts and then New from the sidebar on the Admin page you get the blockhead editor.

      • They are hiding it making it more difficult to find. Adobe has done that with some of the functions I like in Photoshop, which I tolerate because I mainly use PS for resizing images these days. I do most of my processing in Camera Raw. They changed everything around in the latest camera raw update and I about dumped Adobe over that one. I have other options that are great like Affinity Photo and On-1 Raw, but I still work much faster in camera raw and PS.

  3. Hi, Tim. It has been a long time since I logged into my blogs but maybe this weekend…I appreciate that you and your readers have already spelled out options. I won’t freak out when I see the Blockhead Editor. 🙂
    I enjoyed the pics too.

  4. Wow, I read most of the comments on the way down to the comment box. thought about bailing so many times too. I’ve not been hit as yet with this Blockhead thing. If that happens, I’m gone.

    Automattic Matt can kiss my bum.

    I sincerely hope that these dolts are viewing the growing tide against them. Damn blockheads!

  5. It’s so frustrating right? I’m posting with the Classic Editor and haven’t been forced into the Block Editor yet. It’s a pain using the new classic editor and I’ve noticed issues with it for instance it doesn’t always update”recent posts “ right away. That’s minor to some other issues. If I’m forced to use the Block I’ll probably just move on. I’m with you, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Lovely pics Timothy.

    • Thanks, Holly. It’s a sad state of affairs in the WP world. We need to find a good althernative. People who don’t blog don’t understand the frustration and irritation working with a service that’s lost any sense that it’s a service and acts like a dictator instead.

      • I absolutely agree and have felt this for awhile. I’ve expressed my feelings to WP but it seems they feel they have a monopoly in the blogging world. I have cut back on my blogging a lot out of frustration with trying to put one post out properly ,the software is so unfriendly and time consuming. End of rant. Have a nice day!

      • Nice rant at that. As I just commented to Shey, WP binds us with virtual balls and chains. Putting a blog together should be fun and easy, without the complications of features that clueless programmers think are cute and somehow useful.

  6. I like the frost photos. It was 86 up here today. October is off to a warm start in my area.

    I guess I’ll find out in December what is going on with the editor. My next post will be out then. I’ve had other troubles today. Nod cat caught her right foot dewclaw on something at some point recently and ripped out a nail. I discovered it while trimming her toenails last night. Cleaned it up good and took her to the vet first thing today. Got home and one of the kitchen drawers in the center island collapsed due to the cheap bracket sleeves in the back breaking.

    • Always something with maintenance. Poor kitty. Maybe you won’t find the editor too much of a shock getting to hear everyone complaining about it. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • I forgot to mention it’s that time of the year where we drop into the 30s and 40s at night and have highs in the mid to high 80s during the day. The other night the heat came on, but then we were running the swamper in the afternoon.

  7. This is really ridiculous! Most people [me included] have been complaining / writing about the very unfriendly block editor, but still they refuse to take any notice! For example, why on earth do I have to reset my text format EVERY SINGLE TIME I press paragraph? …among other things. But that’s what you get when you assign algorithms and technicians who have absolutely no connection with the outer world, to ‘upgrade’ a platform. And there’s another issue I find really annoying: why-o-why do we have to change every so often a system that works well? I can understand adding tools but this… it’s like trying to keep people upset and in the end doing half of what they planned to do…
    But to more important stuff:
    Your frosty leaves are beautiful! I love it whenever I see this here too… but it’s a bit too early for us.

    • Tying us down with virtual balls & chains. I’m sure they would love to give us a flogging as well. Evil little CPU suckers.

      • Yep… Today was torture. The simplest thing mad the most difficult. I will refrain from foul language. Now and then, like once a year, i can. Today was it for the whole of the next year.

      • #%^&*@#$%! I think I’ve done a lifetime of cursing in Spanish, English and Welsh over frustrations with WP. And I don’t even know any curse words in Welsh yet.

      • I will behave okay and not use any. I am fluent in two things in a number of languages, that is cussing and ordering a drink. But honest WP were really unclear on the workings yesterday

  8. Tim if you stop blogging I will really miss your photos and videos and humor. Please consider looking into another platform before leaving the blogosphere entirely. I’ll tell you a secret, you’re the only blogger I follow in the whole wide world. That tells you something about your quality.

    • Thanks, Lyn. I’m honored to have you as a follower. Did you have see the British series Rumpole of the Bailey? He referred to his wife as “She who must be obeyed.” Well my equivalent is telling me to suck it up and deal with stupid WP, because she thinks I can’t stop blogging. Therefore, the life of a blogger must carry on under the WP’s virtual balls and chains that bind him. Not to worry at the moment.

  9. So much good information here. Thank you. For those of us who have simple photography blogs with a little text and not making money off our blogs – I think WordPress is abandoning us.

  10. I know WP has been wanting to kill TinyMCE (classic editor) for quite some time. Their last concerted effort was maybe 10 years ago, and had a full-scale rebellion for their trouble.

    When I started with WP in 2004, the aim was to keep it simple, keep it clean. In many ways, they were quite exclusive – they decided whether to host your blog, or not. I was lucky in they accepted my previous blog, Cat Crossings. (I still retain the trademark on the name.) They only had four, vanilla plain themes. But, if you wanted more, or just use the WP platform, they really recommended you self-host.

    We’ll see how far WP will go this time before they cave. 🙂

    • Hi David. When I started on WP 10 years ago, I ha a nice simple theme with lots of space for photos. I would still have it today if they hadn’t killed it. You don’t need much to display photos. And you don’t need a blockhead editor to mess up how they are displayed.

    • Hi Mia. I have a work around for the time being. WP just drives me crazy. How are you doing these days?

      • Hey Tim, that’s good news. I’m okay if you like power outages, fires and earthquakes just to mention a few obstacles. How are you doing? I scrolled through your feed, I see you have new kitties. Are they still kittens?

      • They are still kittens. They are cute and ornery, learning the tricks of the kitty trade from uncle Loki.

        Armageddon always helps to keep people from getting too bored, but then it reminds you that boredom can be a good thing at times.

        Are you up for some unpublished parodies and protest songs?

  11. We’re due for our first frost Saturday night (at least, as per the forecast.) We’re not at all thrilled anymore with WP, trying to decide if finding another platform or just retiring from blogging is our best course of action…

    • As you will see in my latest post, the cats pretty much nixed my thoughts of retiring for blogging. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  12. The new system turns WP into WIP. I’m glad to see you found your way back to the old editor, although it is irritating that it defaults the other way at every single opportunity. I am a classic user too. I laughed at some of your comments, especially as they express my own feelings. At some stage it will be refined enough to use, will adjust effortlessly to different screen sizes and will show as intended in The Reader.

    If we are unhappy, it makes me feel even sorrier for bloggers who have no confidence at all with the technical side of blogging. There is an obvious need for the Daily Post / Blogging U people to hold hands through this – Michelle Weber recently left and she was a heroine for me.

    • Hi Susan. It’s not so much adapting to the technology as I can do that fine if I choose to. It’s the arrogance of WP not listening to users and forcing things users don’t want on them. You make an excellent point about users who are not technically oriented. The platform should be simple enough for anyone to use easily, and have advance options available for those who need them.

  13. I know your frustrations Tim… My garden blog changed over last month.. And on returning to WP this week now my main blog Dreawalkers Sanctuary has changed.. I did find the classic editor for my last post in the Cross on the left top of the edit page, when clicked it revealed all sorts of goodies..
    It takes twice as long to create a post and four times as many clicks that one would do before… And this is progress..
    Good luck and so pleased as I work my way back wards that those felines ganged up on you to twist your arm to not give up or give in…. 🙂
    Sending thoughts your way 😀 Enjoy your week Tim

    • Hi Sue. The cats do have a point about “their followers”. As per my discussion with Susan Rushton, the blog should have the choice between simple and advanced features. Forcing advanced features on everyone makes no sense.

  14. JEEZ!!
    Okay, I figured out the rigamarole to use the classic.
    What a bunch of crap.
    I’ve got half a dozen post templates in classic editor saved.
    Not happy, either! &^(%#*(UT><")
    I'm going for a walk!!!! Let off some steam!

  15. Hey Tim such interesting commentary .. I’m also of the belief that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! I think Susan is right too, it becomes a WIP and so many are time poor these days.

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