Blue is Back


Blue, our red tail boa, is back from her few months at Tristan’s. The woman who thought she was interested in a boa was surprised by how long they live and how big they get, and lost interest in helping Tristan take care of Blue. After issues like the thermostat that controls the heating system in Blue’s cage failing, we decided to bring her back to our house where it’s much easier for me to take care of her.





35 thoughts on “Blue is Back

    • Hi Robin. Snakes need respect, but they are beautiful and can be quite easy to deal with. Years ago, a friend of ours who was a flight attendant ( you know about that) would visit when she had a layover. She was terrified of snakes, or so she thought. Once when she was visiting she asked to look at our 15 foot python. She noticed it didn’t look mean or anything, and asked me to take it out of its enclosure. I did. She touched it and was surprised by how nice it felt. Within an hour or so of me taking the snake out she had it over her shoulders and had me taking pictures for her to show her mom. She over came her fear of snakes. It was quite amazing. As I said snakes demand respect, but much of the fear of them is not really necessary.

      • I am sure they are wonderful creatures, but I was raised in the city and I was (and still to an extent) a major coward. I imagine if I were around them more, I wouldn’t be so intimidated.

        I weed my gardens sitting on the ground and have had a few close encounters with small snakes, mice and toads and haven’t freaked out, so I’m probably mellowing out in my old age. 😀

      • That’s good. There are copperheads and water moccasins where you live I presume? Plus a variety of rattlesnakes? You need to be careful when gardening when those snakes are in the neighborhood.

        The two venomous snakes we have to watch out for around here are prairie rattlesnakes and western diamondbacks. Bites are rare but very dangerous from both snakes.

      • Yep, all of those. I usually use the weed eater for the big stuff first then weed the rest by hand. I get careless walking across the yard barefoot sometimes, but thankfully catch a glimpse of a snake slithering across the yard before I step on it.

        Hubby did make me a snake catcher to retrieve any I found in the chicken coop when we had chickens and he was working out of town.

    • She eats large rats. I buy them pre-killed and frozen. I thaw a rat and heat it to body temperature when I feed her.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Snakes are fun but they take a lot of work. Especially keeping them warm in the wintertime.

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