49 thoughts on “Branching

    • It’s amazing how fast they grow up. They’ll be flying in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Brad.

  1. Great start to the day seeing those little fuzz balls.
    Love the looks on their baby faces. What a hoot?
    Thanks Tim! xo

  2. Fluffy cuteness! How cool to experience generations of owls. Do you think the owlets grow to stay close or move on to claim their own territories? Would there be enough prey to support all those owls in your immediate environs ?!

    • The owlets used to stick around longer, but with the drought, they move on once they can fend for themselves. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  3. The owlets are fuzzily adorable! They are getting big!

    I love the moon and Venus photos. It has been clear enough the last couple of nights to see them here, too.

  4. Their little baby faces are so serious looking.
    I see they are half fluff, half fathers. I guess they’ll be flying soon.
    Mom and dad are doing their part in keeping the owl population thriving!
    Love following them each year. Thank you, Tim! x

    • We didn’t see them last night. I think they’ve flown the coop. Thanks, Brian.

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