46 thoughts on “Gaze

  1. I love candles but they are a hit or miss with me. The scented ones I mean. Either they are too strong or just right! I have a silver wood and coffee scented one I won’t burn because I can’t get them anymore and it’s divine I loved charmed aroma candles! You burn candles and get a ring, bracelet or necklace.

  2. Candle light! Also enjoy watching the dancing flames of a log fire and the moving shadows the flames create.On a cold evening, a few eucalyptus logs (nice aroma too). Got to use the chimney on some cold evenings….. after all Father Christmas only comes once a year.

  3. Lovely candle-ku. Had to laugh, whenever I look back at all the stupid things I did growing up, I’m amazed I’m still here. Thankfully humans bounce at a young age ha.

    • Between motorcycles, horses, exploring old mines and other dangerous things, it’s amazing I made it this long. Thanks, Brian.

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