50 thoughts on “No Focus

    • Thanks, Dale. I’m happy you like them. There will probably be more out-of-focus flowers because I can’t see well enough to tell when the closups are in focus. And sunsets will continue to happen because I don’t get out much these days besides going to work.

      • I just don’t feel much like getting out these days. The eyes have been a problem for awhile now. Eye problems take a lot of fun out of photography.

      • My eyes have been an issues for the past few months. Today, I opened a book and had to admit that the days of reading small print, even when it is not that small is difficult. I do love your photography, Tim. I look forward to every one of your posts.

  1. I love the flowers. You know you could well have passed these off as a new ‘experimentation’ that truly is now nice they are. Thank you truly for the beauty you bring to us all every day despite your eyes.

  2. Stunning random out of focus images
    I love the yellow flower from the amaryllis family, the daffodil.
    Pretty picture you made of her

      • Thanks, Tim, for your continued interest in the book sequel. I’m excited to report I’m almost half way through writing it. I have a solid structure with Snyder’s 15 Beats in a story. Some surprising scenes came about for me. Lots of action, tension and twists! πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine

    • Thanks, JYP. You must have offended Akismet with FocusKu because your comment was sent to spam.

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