46 thoughts on “Sun Slept In

    • It rarely sleeps in out here and usually wakes with a burst of color. Today it had to bust a bit later than usuals. Thanks, Bruce.

  1. I am having a wee giggle here Timothy, not at your wonderful images and words but the title. Lucky sun getting to do that. my Mr sat on the edge of the bed this morning getting up, as he aye does and the whole side collapsed in this almighty clatter.

    • Now you have to get a new bed? I hope no injuries came out of the collapse. Thanks, Shey.

  2. It was prob quite funny. I put it back together with a ton of plumbers tape just now It is still a bit cold for our other bedroom, But yeah we are having our friends from Edinburgh for a night so I have skecked out a new bed. Two actually though I will just be picking one I cannae have one of them going through the floor and the other pinging towards the ceiling. But funny you know cos on Thursday I nipped in to get new pillowcases for them coming and I saw this really nice metal framed bed at a very good price and I loved it but I thought that would be ridic when we didn’t need it and we have done a lot to the house this past wee while which has mean t a bit of refurbishment too . But now???? Well the Fates smiled upon me. So I will nip back on Thursday for a second look and if I think nah will order the other one online.

    • It looks like the bedpost faeries were ahead of you pointing out that you indeed needed a new bed frame. I hope it all works out for you. I ordered a new queen-sized mattress several years ago. It was delivered in a square box about 3.5 feet on each side. I opened the box, bulled out a blob of shrink-wrapped mattress. When I cut the shrink-wrap, the blob exploded into a full-size queen mattress. It was very exciting.

  3. Wow! My tree is constantly being adorned by the sky. Grabbed the shots for the Tim’s trees folder..
    Fab TimKu.
    Lol…. I see a cat quilt…of sorts. xo

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