50 thoughts on “Spring’s Springing Again

  1. Those red flowers absolutely pop!
    Here we got an afternoon surprise of snow. Big flakes, small flakes, blowing… For hours.

  2. What caught my eye, Time, are those bright red tulips. Wow!! Your compositions are STUNNING!! I love the contrast between the black and red. Awesome! xo

  3. Those are lovely images, especially those tulips on the black background.

    I counted 9 open blossoms this afternoon in your Mom’s daffodil patch. When we hit a quorum, I’ll take a photo. A variably cloudy but dry day up here until 4:30 when a rain and sleet squall came through again. I did get in a walk before that.

  4. First and last shots are killer beauties.
    Look at all those buds on Marina’s Incognito Pear tree.
    My tree looks like it’s conducting the other trees. Sigh!!!!! xo

  5. We got tired of waiting for the cold to lift in the midwest and now enjoying much warmer temps here in the south – seeing lots of flowers popping around us now.

  6. Very nice Tim. The calendar says it’s Spring, but the weather doesn’t concur at this point in Illinois. Soon enough, we hope.

    • It’s hit and miss at the moment out here. Warm on day, freezing the next. Thanks, Brad.

      • That pretty much describes spring and fall in Illinois, and to some extent summer and winter.

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