Rodney Redtail

Rodney Redtail (I’m assuming this is a male) has been hanging out in Susan’s tree occasionally, perched above where I hung the nest for the owls. I’m hoping that maybe Roberta Redtail is nesting in the owl’s nest. I won’t climb up there and see if she’s in there. But I can hope she is. Rodney had a stick or something in his beak.

40 thoughts on “Rodney Redtail

    • We have lots of Cooper’s Hawks. I don’t see the red-tails quite as much, but this one has been hanging around.

      • People in my neighbourhood keep capturing Cooper’s Hawks…. Where are they when I am out and about? Dang it…

      • It’s hard not to see them out here, but they can be hard to photograph because they camo in the cottonwoods like the owls. If you make one mad, it will come out tell you off. I’ve also had one help while looking for my lost glasses. I think it was hoping I’d stir up a mouse of gopher.

      • Another cool thing about living over there! I bet they aren’t shy about giving shit! I love that! Haha! Helped you with a plan of getting immediate payment!

    • It’s hard to say where and if Roberta is around. I don’t know if male hawks guard nesting females like the Owls. Thanks, Lavinia.

  1. Gorgeous images of a magnificent bird! I hope they are* using the owl nest this year.

  2. My compliments Timothy for these great shot, I’m sure it were exciting moments. Let’s hope that R & R will settle in the owls nestbox.

  3. That would be cool if you could get an RT to nest in your box – maybe not in the eyes of the rodents and little birds in the area, but definitely a bird for us to enjoy being around.

    • I don’t think it’s very likely, but I’m not climbing up there to find out. Thanks, Brian.

    • He’s a 70 feet up in the tree, The camera doesn’t bother him in the least. Thanks, Julie.

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