Takes Two To Timku

Cranes specks in the sky
Freezing cottonwoods shiver
Dawn spreads light’s colors

Sun sets behind wire
Orange glow fades out of reach
Thoughts gone asunder

80 thoughts on “Takes Two To Timku

  1. Great pair of images and Timku’s. The more you look the more cranes you see! They’re really specks in the sky. And the fence wire is different than what I’ve seen…not woven wire, and not the ‘normal’ cattle panel spacing. (Excuse the old nosey rancher coming out)

    • The wire is “Steel Welded Wire Rolled Fencing with Mesh Size 2-in x 4-in”. It’s common out here for domestic animals. Small animals like squirrels, small birds and smaller skunks (like the little skunk that sprayed Spunk in the face in the catio a couple of months ago) can get through the wire, but it’s a good barrier for dogs, cats, poultry, gouts, horses, cattle, etc. I wrote a song called “Sleeping With A Stinky Cat” after Spunk got sprayed. If you want to listen to it go to https://soundcloud.com/user-334086053/sleeping-with-a-stinky-cat?si=301c5fe9197c41708d22767f705ec605&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing.

      A lot of cranes are still flying through on their way south early every morning. A ranger told Bruce they moved the Festival Of The Cranes at Bosque del Apache to the first weekend in December because of the late arrivals. The Feastival of The Cranes is usually over Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. Where the Timbuktu is Timku,
    Timothy? 🌍 👀 I’ve been told
    I’m a bit of a goose, so what’s
    the chance those two geese
    would take me too, to Timku?

  3. Timku? Never come across that word before. Thanks for introducing …, Tim, and those pictures look so gorgeous together with the simple lines .

    • Thanks, Eunice. Spunku and Pigku have also found their ways to this blog. I’m of the opinion you can’t really do Haiku in English, so I call the poems I do with roughly 5, 7, 5 form with 17 syllables, Timkus.

  4. The field fence we used was a woven wire, 47 inch tall, with smaller bottom horizontal spreads from 3″ up to 8″ at the top. Topped with two strands of barb. Really liked the stinky Spunk song, some great guitar there…

  5. Now Timothy I go back to yesterday re the ski pic to what I didn’t say. That pic could ahve been taken by you because you see the beauty in the world. You see the beauty and you capture it perfectly. And these pics are the proof of that.

      • You need to study up on your Czech cuss words, and drink orders.I think you can figure out what this phrase is in Czech: “Bourbon prosím?” According to Google, WTF is “Co sakra?” in Czech. Makes sense to me.

      • Taky nemám rád whisky. Aak! Aak! Aak! My BIL loves the stuff. I gave him an expensive bottle of whiskey for his birthday last night. I had to ask a cute saleswoman to help me find it. There are rows and rows of so many different whiskies in the liquor store that it’s mind-boggling to me.

      • Oh if you like it, the choices are amazing. Why I don’t is that when I was 5..yes…whisky has medicinal purposes, espesh a hot toddy– I was very unwell one night and and Dad, prob in his desperation to get to his work for 7 ..as in get up at 5 to do that, made up a toddy and said this will soon sort this out. I have never been so sick in my life and I can still remember the smell and taste of that toddy and I cannot even eat a whisky liqueur sweet to this day. Obvi he’d get the jail now!!! Mind you I guess it could be one way of stopping a potential drinker in their tracks!! If whisky was all there was to drink i wouldn’t.

      • That’s a great story. My sister made a pink cake when we were young. I ate and then got really sick that night. I could not look at pink without feeling nausiated for years.

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