53 thoughts on “Peril Waits On Wind

  1. Beautifully done… But why peril? Why can it not be something else? Of course, wanting it to be something else does not mean that’s the way it’s meant to be 😉

    • Peril has two syllables. I could have used “Flushed away by wind” (iffy on the syllable count) or “Annihilation” or “Total destruction” (but then I couldn’t include wind) or “Breaking with the wind”, etc. But “Peril waits on wind” seemed more poetic. Thanks, Dale.

      • I thought we determined that you can play with your syllables as you see fit?
        I think it does sound perfectly poetic!

      • Still need to try and keep those syllabic verses in line and make sure they are down for the count.

      • I wish I was as funny and witty as old Dangerfield was. He could rattle off the one-liners.

      • I didn’t care much for his movies, but he was a stitch on Johnny Carson, where I saw most of his routines.

      • A lot of comedians are like that. I could only take people like Robin Williams and Jim Cary in small doses. Some of my favorite comedians were Flip Wilson, George Carlin, Cheech & Chong (I didn’t like C&C’s movies), George Burns, Tim Conway, etc. I don’t like most of the contemporary comedians. Iliza Shlesinger is clever and funny, and Brad Williams is a stitch.

      • This is true. I loved Robin Williams as an actor, I never saw a whole set of his stand-up act, so I don’t know. Jim Carrey – depends on the movies because he can also take up too much space! George Carlin was brilliant. George Burns, Tim Conway – classics! I don’t know Iliza Shlesinger or Brad Williams…

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