78 thoughts on “Pink Snow

  1. It was a beautiful Pink Paradise show, Tim! The last shot had me wondering how far afield you had gone to get it, but then saw it was the Sandia Peak Ski Area SkiCam.

    • The ski cam was handy. I was looking to see how much snow they got. It was not enough to record, but there was snow on the west face of the Sandias. I looked at the SkiCam to see what the snow looked like. Not much and they need a lot more to ski on. There are no plans to open the ski area this season unless they get a lot of snow. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Oh my goodness you visit some of the most beautiful mountains
        Pink Snow fallen upon Sandia – reads like the title of a soon released novel.
        This area you photograph is hauntingly beautiful, I must travel there in the winter to lay my eyes upon these Pink snow caps. With a word from up above to gaze into these illustratious clouded skies.


  2. Wow! That last one is a stunner! Would you believe we’ve not seen a single snowflake, yet? (Not that I’m complaining.) Mind you, they are calling for some come Wednesday. And it’s been so damn cold!

    • I tried downhill skiing once when I was a teenager. I got kicked off the Bunny Slope for being too wild. I was surprised I survived the big slopes. I went down fast and furious and ran over anyone who got in my way. I decided I was much too dangerous for downhill skiing. I did cross country skiing for a few years that we had lots of snow. But we haven’t had much snow in years, and I won’t travel to ski. Thanks, JYP.

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. Saves me the cost of a Tram ride to use the SkiCam. It’s really long drive around the mountain to drive to the crest, then a mile hike to the ski area.

  3. Tim, what can I add after reading all your followers comments. I’d have the same comments. Gorgeous pink sky, sunset, and snow. I’ll add you have the sharpest photographer’s eye to get perfect photos. 📚🎶 Christine

  4. That ski shot is magical, makes me want to go there. So hard to capture the pink like that. great job. thanks for sharing

  5. Makes me want to grab my snowboard and head down there! We have about 2 or so inches on the ground now – just enough to be dangerous for the new drivers in the area.

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