Green Corner

Apple iSight cameras from 2003.

🎶I rearranged my office and put up a Mac Museum!🎶 After a staff member retired, I was able to rearrange my office, gather up some of our old Macintosh computers along with other vintage Apple devices, and use the green corner where my desk used to be to make a little Mac Museum.

View of the green corner my desk used to be in. I used old aluminum case Mac Pros for the shelf supports. I also ordered a small conference table to fill out the open space in the middle of the office.

I removed a desk and shelves from this corner of my office, put my desk there, and hung photos on the walls.

Orian’s desk. She’s our new data analyst.

A 23-inch Cinema Display from 2000, an Apple AirPort Extreme from 2009, and a PowerBook G3 from 1998.

I searched our storage unit and my infinite shed of doom and came up with various vintage monitors, Macs, and Apple devices

Purple iMac G3 from 1999.

iMac G4 from 2002.

A G4 Mac Mini from 2005, and an aluminum case 23-inch Cinema Display from 2005.

Macintosh SE/30 from 1989 and a PowerBook 1400 from 1996.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPods, an iPod touch, and an early iPhone. Behind the iPods is a 9.7″ iPad from 2012.

A view of my desk from Oriana’s desk.

50 thoughts on “Green Corner

  1. Wow…!! That is really an impressive museum dedicated to Apple. Let’s hope they will send you a free new Mac Pro early next year… 😉
    I’ve been working with and using Apple computers from the early years. Starting with the Apple II series, Macintosh SE, LC, Quadra, Power Macs, iMacs and recently the Mac Studio. Unfortunately, I never kept the old model when I bought a new one. Seeing your photographs made me wonder if that was the right decision… 😉

    • We have had almost all the models at some point beginning with the Mac Plus, but it was difficult to keep one of each because of storage issues. Keeping all your old computers doesn’t make sense unless you have room to store them or display them. Thanks, Herman.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of history in one corner ! You realy did a nice job and how lucky you kept all these old machines. I’m sure the Apple people will appreciate it.

  3. You’d think you were a Mac Pro 😉 I’m glad I’m not the one who has to dust that corner 😉 Love that you have framed some of your spectacular shots!

  4. wholly molly Tim, that’s impressive your creative mac museum. the cats must have a field day of hiding places in there too. Love those guitars on the wall and the art work adds great interest too! ❣️

  5. A nice museum it is. I have a pair of ancient Windows machines, one with XP and one with Win 10. I used to have an early IBM PC that I sold to an attorney in Lousiana, who was putting together his own early PC museum. He also bought the TTL green monochrome monitor that went with it. He said some of his legal work he did on the early PCs can only be accessed on ancient, with ancient software. While he has no obligation to preserve the old legal work, you just never know.

    The large prints you have in your space, did you print those or did you send it out? And, where are kitty pics?

    • We had one of the first IBM PCs available. We still have the Compaq suitcase-sized “portable” computer. Although, I don’t know where we have the system floppies for the Compaq. Thanks, David/Deborah.

      • I realized I didn’t answer your question about the prints. I have all my printing done by Printique formerly Adorama Pix. Printique is associated with Adorama in New York City.

      • Okay, send to a professional printer. They are better able to do the larger prints, make the offset corrections easier. I can print my own 8X10 and 8X11-1/2 reasonably well.

        I remember those “portable” computers. They’re like those “portable” phones.

      • I could plot large prints at the office, but it’s a fraction of the cost to get the prints done by Printique. And they are printed using real photo process that is much more archival than inkjet on glossy paper. I have my screen calibrated to their printing process, so the prints come back with the right colors. When I print small color prints at home, I always have to print several to get the colors adjusted properly. We have one lab left in town that does photographic printing. I’ve used them but they are clear across town so the time to go pick up prints is a huge response cost for me.

  6. Your office looks amazing! The Apple/Mac Fun along with the guitars is F A B U L O U S!
    This office space represents you so well with your guitars and photography. What a great place to go to work each day!

    PS… the SE/30 Mac from 1989… my Dad had that Mac! He was the first in the family to get a computer and actually I didn’t know too many who had one at the time as well. Thank you for the memories!

    • Your welcome, Nancy. It’s fun to look back at the early days of computing. For some of us oldtimers we remember when we had to write our own printer drivers. Ugh! Those were the bad old days.

      • My Dad did so much on that little computer. If you remember I started up Tuesday Tidbits because of him. He made a monthly newsletter on that computer and called it Tidbits. Oh gosh… what a wonderful way to start my day seeing that computer! And remember my Dad! Thank you!

  7. Quite the apple collection you got there Timothy – I should do something like that for all the commodore equipment Linda and I have taking up space in our attics.

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