Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon rose yellow. I was still in August and David caught my error. Thanks, David. The full moon is on Saturday, September 10th, but the moon does not pass the meridian tonight. Therefore, is close enough for Rock and Roll to be considered full of itself.


The Corn Moon rising at sunset.

The Harvest Moon at dusk.

A gas balloon was hanging in the southern sky. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta starts on October 1st. There are 768 Balloons registered to fly this year.

The Harvest Moon rising under a happy kitty in the clouds.


57 thoughts on “Harvest Moon

  1. Do you mean full moon on Saturday, September 10?

    I must agree the moon can have too many names. Then, too many rules when the September-October full moon can be called the Harvest Moon or the Corn Moon or the Hunter Moon. Of course, every full moon can be called a Rock-n-Roll Moon since a rock song is being played or performed somewhere when the moon is full. 🙂

    • I was still in August. I just changed my post to Harvest Moon. Maybe we should start naming each full moon after styles of music Thanks, David.

  2. The dawn and sunset photo colors are so vivid and beautiful! The moon is an old friend to me. I have seen her in the sky as long as I can remember, a constant in life. I like the lone balloon in the night sky, almost a silver moon itself , of sorts.

    I saw the moon rise here tonight, big and golden. For tomorrow and Saturday a high wind and fire alert has been issued. The wind is shifting and will be coming from the east as the temperature spikes the next two days. The power company may be shutting off electricity out our way if things get bad. I hope this is it for the year.

      • The winds came 6 hrs later than forecast, but other than getting smoke from distant fires, we are still with power and OK here. Nodescript, dirty and smoky clouds lurking on the horizon since morning are now moving in. I can smell the smoke now. The sun was orange a short time ago, now it is almost overcast. Hope you will get some good moon shots tonight.

    • Thanks, Becky. You could hop on a plane to Albuquerque and join the million or so folk who come to town to watch the balloons.

  3. I really liked every one of these photos, Timothy, so serene in their glorious presentations. I liked all the Harvest moon shots in the grid, and of course the big, expansive skies. Great hot air balloon shot. Cheers, my friend.

    • Thanks, Jet. The ballon is a gas balloon. I’m not sure why it was up. I assume they were doing some prep for the gas ballon race that launches on October 1st. Or maybe they flew in for the AIBF. Seems an odd but appropriate.

    • Our resident balloon expert said that the gas balloon could be a weather/research balloon. She said they launch research balloons from the southern part of the states, the balloons fly around the world collect data and return to NM, amazing as that sounds.

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