45 thoughts on “You Are Worth More Than!

  1. Hah! Love it. I think they really get a chance to stand out in the middle of nowhere. And yes. YOU ARE MORE THAN! Excellent words…

      • You can thank FedEx for taking advantage of COVID to provide crappy service and no longer guarantee delivery days and times, forcing me to drive 200 miles (one way) to deliver a proposal.

      • That is so not cool. And I get it. I do not miss having to deal with shipping anything.
        But you’re reminded me of a company I worked for where money was right and the prez didn’t trust any Courrier to bring payment. I went threw times to and from Kingston (3 hours one way) and once to an from Wakefield (2+ hours one way). Back in ’91 or so. I loved it. Paid me 25¢/km and I got out of the office. I always volunteered!

      • Not really. The 401 has to be THE dullest highway… Mind you, the Wakefield trip was always nice. And I always stopped off in this little shop with hand-crafted table cloths and such. I was quite the level of “Kid Kodak” I am now – and cell phones were not a thing that back then, either.

      • The first trip I had NO RADIO IN MY CAR at all! Was a little less enjoyable, needless to say. Also pushed me to get one. I had bought my brand new Hyundai Excel in December 1990 and it came sans radio. I had to order one, can you believe it? The second trip, I used my boyfriend’s car – he was so cheap, he demanded half of my earnings. Sheesh. 😉

      • That’s what I meant. Of course it made sense as it was his car. We get paid mileage for the use of our car. I was using his. At the time, I was like wait a minute! But really, he was generous in letting me keep half…

  2. Graffiti out int he middle of nowhere seems odd, though back east we would sometimes see graffiti painted on big rocks in wilderness areas. Usually the road ran near by.

    • Those are asphalt shingles. As I mentioned to Marina, they probably contain asbestos. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  3. I enjoy graffiti very much…in most cases. The last
    Picture of the building with the clouds is my favorite.
    Some cities, Cleveland, Ohio especially, hired graffiti artists and they made beautiful murals off a highway.

  4. They left me hanging, I gotta know what I’m worth more than… anarchy, a penny, the queen’s inheritance….this is going to drive me crazy all night.

    • Hahah! You were the only one to mention that little problem with the ending. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Thanks, Brian.

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