Beauty & Woe

The Rio Grande is running lower and lower every day.

A cloudburst where rain never reaches the ground.

The corn should be tall and full of ears of corn by now. Wagner’s Farm usually has a bustling farm store this time of year. There is no sign of activity, no signs advertising available produce.

Hot As Hell

Hot as hell today
One-seventeen in the sun
Sweated like a pig

54 thoughts on “Beauty & Woe

  1. At that temperature many plants shut down. I am not surprised the corn hasn’t grown much. I am hoping you will get some real rain soon, Tim. The photos are beautiful, especially those orange-gold rain shafts.

    • It’s mostly no water that’s stunting the corn. But I think it’s been over 100 every day this week. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Lakes are drying up and rivers are running lower too everyday. With heat wave after heat wave, rain, plus occasional wind which speeds up the soil and water drying process, agriculture in my country is having a rough time. There are water restrictions in a lot of areas. And some people don’t believe in climate change. Woe, indeed. Makes me seriously concerned for the future. On a more positive note, you captured incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Hope you get rain soon. Wonderful pics ….maybe except for the poor corn if you get me. (I’d feel bad saying that one was..which it is… when you need rain. )

  4. Your expression of heat and the heaviness and trouble of drought was well done here, Timothy. I am sorry you folks in the Rio Grande Valley are experiencing this terrible drought. As a Californian, I know it well, and it is no fun. I really feel for the farmers and their plight, too. I have to say, though, that these photos are simply stunning of the sky, mountains, clouds and colors. I hope their brilliance can help carry you through these tough times.

    • Excellent Spunku. Spunk is a corny cat. He loves corn. He begs for corn and gives us sad Spunk eyes until we give him a little dish of corn. He gobbles it up. None of the other cats will eat corn. Thanks, JYP.

      • I don’t think liking corn is common. All the cats love cheese. But not all cheese. We keep a little dish of Mexican Four Cheese Blend out for them. We keep a cover on it so it doesn’t dry out. Whenever that cats want cheese, they either give us their “I want cheese” meow or they sit by the covered dish looking at it expectantly trying to “kitty stare” the cover off the dish on it’s own. But they end up waiting until one of us uncovers the cheese.

  5. How frustrating that rain falls, but doesn’t land.
    I feel for the corn farmer. I feel for us humans and animals who eat corn/use corn products.
    It’s one of the world’s staples.
    We are having crop issues in Canada. Some places are flooding, some are burning up.
    I have never felt so grateful, as when I turn on the tap, and water comes out.

    • As I mentioned to JYP, Spunk loves corn. We keep a container of corn in the fridge just for Spunk. He also likes puffed wheat and green beans. I’m thankful for the water we have. Water is precious, but people don’t treat it that way. I don’t know why people feel the need for lawns in the desert. It takes the equivalent of 40 inches of precipitation a year to keep a bluegrass lawn healthy. On normal years, we get 8 to 9 inches of precipitation. My new weather station shows 3.94 inches of precipitation over the past 11 months. He’ve had 0.34 inch of rain in July. Thanks, Resa.

      • Agree, the lawn thing is a madness!
        The rain amounts are very low where you live, and in much of the world.
        I worry about Marina, and all the fires around Athens.
        Spunkie-Poo 💋 likes corn?He is definitely a unique kitty.
        I had a cat who liked Chicken McNuggets & one who loved cantaloupe.
        Actually the McNuggets cat loved any fast food – including Chinese take out, pizza, etc.
        Take care Tim! xo

  6. That is HOT – not hitting those temps, but our heat index is now up in the 110’s – just in time for my race next Saturday sigh. That corn does not look good at all. Fortunately, hear in the heartland is a different story. Gone are the days of knee high by the fourth of July – the average corn stalk is topping over 6 feet now. We got your corn and bean needs covered.

  7. Beautiful photography but I don’t envy you that heat! We had two record breaking days here topping out at over 40c, not much fun for a Brit. Like you we have no rain for a long time in my part of the UK.

    • The heat isn’t too bad when the humidity is from 10% to 20%. I remember being in Ravenna, Italy at 40ºC and over 90% humidity. That was miserable. Thanks, Brian.

  8. Very hot here in Central California where I live, although you have waaaaay better landscape than here! 😊 Even so, we’re in a big drought too and never see rain. And the wildfires are making the skies yellow/brown!

    • A lot of californians are moving out here. They are not always the most popular newcomers. When New Mexico was on fire in the spring, people were saying that now the Californians are bringing their wildfires with them. Central Cali is hot and dry, but you have beautiful areas not too distant, I would assume. There are so many beautiful places in California.

      I’ve been through various parts of California. My brother lives in San Diego. My wife and I gave papers at a conference in San Diego in November 2019. We visited the Saltan Sea on the way home. Have you been there? That trip was a lot of fun. I was in Barstow in 2008 training National Park staff how to use a program we wrote for them. Barstow gets hot. My wife lived in Livermore for 10 years during her teen years. Thanks, Samantha.

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