56 thoughts on “Dawn On The Ditch Bank

  1. Awesome morning skies and the first shot of the irrigation chanal makes us realise that having water is not so evident as we think….

    • I get up early everymorning. The problem with summer is it’s light late, so I don’t get to bed early. Thanks, einfachtilda.

      • That early sunrise is rough when you are not a morning person. The sun comes up almost an hour and a half earlier where you are than it does where I live. What time does the sun set where you are? The sun sets at 20:15 hours here.

      • You’re welcome 😊
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  2. Glad there is water to irrigate with.
    Does the corn farmer have an irrigation ditch?
    Beautiful dawn shots. Thank you, Tim!

    • They use the same ditch I use for irrigating. That cornfield is 300 yards north of our property. Thanks, Resa.

  3. How often do you have to irrigate Tim? Is there some set time or is it triggered by simply where the water level is…a new concept for me.

    • We used to irrigate once a week. Then they changed it to every two weeks. Then every three weeks. It’s been once a month this year. The Mayordomo tells us when we can irrigate.

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