Half The Dog He Used To Be


He thought he was off to school to be tutored
But off to the vet, he went, to get neutered
Now he’s sad, half the dog he used to be
They put on a cone, adding insult to injury
When Buddy recovers from this trauma
They will fix his third eyelid and end that drama
He will be a new dog, like a new day
Oh Buddy you have come a long way

Morning moons

Surprise! Daddy Owl dropped in for a visit.

Daddy Owl eyeing the hummer perched on the branch below him.

78 thoughts on “Half The Dog He Used To Be

    • He was so sad. But he was still running around. Are you going to post your sunset pic? Thanks, Michele.

      • Poor little guy. No, I won’t post that one. I do post sunset/rise photos, on occasion, to IG, along with other nature subjects. Thank you for asking.

    • Hi Cindy. Buddy belongs to one of our staff. He comes to the office every day. He has never met our kitties, but from how they react to Jake, Tristan’s dog, they would not like Buddy.

  1. Oh, poor Buddy…. that look! It’s all for your own good though, so smile you beautiful pup!
    Not to mention the wonderful poem dedicated to you and the sunset and the visit by Daddy Owl.

      • It’s staying on him. We have never had a cat that would wear a cone once it fully recovered from the anesthesia. They just tear the cones off. I tried to pit a halter and leash on Spunk in the early days. It took him 5 seconds to get out of it. My SIL has an Absynian kitty that will walk on a leash in a halter, and he rides in a backpack. None of our cats would have any of that.

  2. Ah Buddy… the things humans do to you, eh? No worries, you’ll be up and at ’em in no time!
    And nice to see Daddy Owl! Wow… I have NEVER seen a hummer perch anywhere!!

  3. Dogs look so sad with a cone on.
    When the vet put a cone on my grand-dog, Ghost, dog refused to move. Wouldn’t walk, wouldn’t sit. They waited a while, but it was no go. Dog is too big to lift, so they had to take the cone off to get her to hop into the car. Same thing happened when they got her home. With the cone on, she became a standing statue. They ended up putting a t-shirt on her and securing it such that she couldn’t lick her stitches.

    • Ghost is a dogged dog. When we had Sasha spayed, we couldn’t keep a cone on her, and she kept licking her incision. The vet finally had to staple the incision. Thanks, Margy.

  4. Best Surprise Ever! He looks happy.. maybe he can rest awhile. Oh poor Buddy.. the cone of shame.. I thought he is your friends dog Timothy? ” half the dog he used to be
    They put on a cone, adding insult to injury”
    lol ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Oh my! Buddy looks so forlorn.
    However, Once he heals and his eye gets fixed, he will be a new dog!
    He is soooooo cute. Just look at that cute puppy!
    Ah, daddy owl! Do you see him much over the summer and winter?

    • He’s been showing up more this week. We hear the owls at night and early morning. We hear them through the winter, but don’t see them as much as late winter and springtime. Thanks, Resa.

  6. A hearty greeting Daddy Owl!! We missed him – thinking he is out of his menu league with that hummer. Sorry to hear about Buddy – if it is any consolation, Benji, Raven and Ruger send him get well wishes.

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