62 thoughts on “Day Of The Night-Heron

    • The water lelev is very low and the only reason there is any water in the ditch is because the beaver dams have not been taken out this year. Thanks, Resa.

      • One good thing! You did mention that the beaver dams were left in place. Thank goodness for that!

      • I think the fire department convinced the conservancy to leave the dams so the fire department would have a little water incase they have to fight a bosque fire. Last summer someone was starting fires in the bosque. The fire chief said they put a pump in the Clearwater ditch and it sucked the ditch dry in two minutes. That was after they beaver dams were removed, and the water was a trickle.

  1. Unlike the Yellow ones, the Black-Crowned will hunt most of the day – glad you got the blood-eye in your shots, really makes that bird.

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