59 thoughts on “One Flew Over The Moon

    • Happy to make your evening, Evelyn. I have missed a lot of moonshopts the last few weeks because of clouds. Thanks, for dropping by.

    • Lol, and of course I immediately thought of the feisty misfit sent to mental hospital. πŸ˜₯, given the circumstances it makes me sad, deep down it aches so much. But there is another line, that holds me tight, – everthing is going to be alright – and makes me believe that.

      I digress, is that possible with the plane and all. Never in my life have I seen a photo like that. You must enter a competition for this one,
      So too your skiescapes
      They are magnificent.

      • Thanks, abvr. There’s is that reference. No more photo competitions for me.

      • Oh but this one would sure be a winner.
        But i love how you have branched out by bringing story to your photography.

  1. No way Tim! How did you catch that plane jumping over the moon? looking for the dish and the spoon.. ok dumb I know.. lol
    Incredibly gorgeous pictures! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Thanks, Cindy. I was hoping it would cross the moon so I could maybe get a shot looking like it got stuck in the moon, but it flew over the moon.

  2. Lovely picks of the moon – although I especially like the 9th picture in the middle grid. Something about the road passing by the blues and the pinks really captivates me.

  3. Amazing…gorgeous gallery, Tim! Love the yellow tones. How did you get the plane going over the moon? An angle of sorts?

    • I saw the plane coming and waited for it I was hoping to get is so it looked like it was stuck in the the moon, but it flew above the moon. Thanks, Resa.

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