Sasha In The 505

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn at 2:30 am.

Night Sky


Spunk breaking in my new book.

Marble interrupted the book breaking in process.

Nighthawk. Moo cow. Beaver

39 thoughts on “Sasha In The 505

  1. Really, is there really anything Spunk can’t do – wondercat! Great shot of the Nighthawk. Those things drive me nuts trying to get them in the tin – not to mention embarrassing myself standing out in the middle of the Menards parking lot miming Joe Cocker singing A Little Help from my Friends.

  2. LOL! Here I thought Sasha had gotten her own phone, and 505 is her area code.
    She seems like a sweet loving cat. The shot of her and Marble is beyond adorable. Thank you, Tim!

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