Body Snatchers


These roses have “Body Snatcher” cones. We need to be careful.

Pearl Crescent Butterflies

Native Bee on Echinacea

Afternoon sky before sunset

49 thoughts on “Body Snatchers

  1. The Body Catchers theme puts us in the frame of mind that every image in this gallery has an other-worldly flavor! Nicely suggested and executed, Tim!

    • The rose cones reminded me of the leaf pods in the 1956 movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. They also have a slight resemblance to Audrey II in “The Little Shop of Horrors”. Thanks, Janet.

  2. Crazy how many spectacular flowers grow where you are.
    I love the pics.
    The butterflies are wonderful. Now, I adore butterflies… all of them.
    Moths can be beautiful, but I have seen some really scary looking ones…. and BIG!

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