No Dog Shall Pass

Morning skies

Loki: “Stupid dogs!”

Intermission. ????

Spunk: “Stupid dog!” Sasha: “Double stupid dog!”

Afternoon Skies

Sun at sunset

57 thoughts on “No Dog Shall Pass

  1. Spunk and Sasha make a great pair of bookends. πŸ™‚ Spunk’s face always looks like the wheels are turning, thinking up some new mischief! Loved all the photos, especially that coppery sunset and black lace trees.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. You pegged Spunk correctly. He’s always looking to get into mischief.

  2. Haha! Love this! Indeed NO DOG shall pass! Loki looks a lot like my Mr.B. Most black cats do. 😊Your photos are beautiful and fabulous Timothy. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Holly. We have three black cats and it’s getting more difficult to tell them apart.

      • We tell Glenda and Gwendolyn apart by their voices and some of their behavior. Loki is stocky so up close he’s easy, but at a distance he looks like G&G.

      • Then you can tell them apart by size, Mr. B is small for a male cat. But he has a big personality. He’s not aware he is small, he just wants to live a feral life, his jungle is the shrubs.

      • G&G are the same size. The are as tall and long as Loki, but Loki is muscly and weighs more. G&G weigh 13 pounds each. Loki weighs 17 pounds.

  3. Loki looks quite gorgeous in this shot. Could be on the cover of a Cat magazine.
    Where was the “No Dogs” sign?
    Just recovering from the dizzying intermission pic.
    Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ and Sasha are also picture cats! Thank you!

  4. Wow, those cats have good penmanship. Just for the record, my boys would just take the hinges off that door ha! Spunk looking sufficiently judgemental as usual.

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