Socked, Boxed, Deodorized


Since I can’t bring myself to drive to Target and negotiate their horrible parking lot, I simply ordered what I needed online and had it delivered. It was so much easier and the cats got a new box.



Spunk and Marble

Marble, Gwendolyn, and Spunk

Gwendolyn and Spunk


Sandhill Cranes

Interesting sunset in a crystal clear sky. Venus is on the left.

78 thoughts on “Socked, Boxed, Deodorized

    • Sometimes Target is the only place that has what I’m looking for at a reasonable price, but the closest Target has the worst access and parking of any store on this side of town. On line is the only way to deal with it. Thanks, Jeff.

      • The order comes from the local Target. I can pickup in store, curbside, have the ordered delivered by a local driver or shipped. I have the order shipped and get it the next day if the items are in stock. Really convenient.

  1. One of my kitties just turned 16, and we figure that means he is about 80 human years old. Even though sometimes he appears to forget where he is, he still loves sitting in a new box. It will make us very sad when he has to leave this earth.
    I do love the photo of the birds. Many days, I find myself wishing I could fly above it all!

    • It is sad when we lose our precious kitties. Keep him supplied with boxes and he’ll be around a few more years. It would be fun to be able to simply fly off. Thanks, Mary.

  2. I love the kitty photos, especially Spunk being washed by Marble. That is a beautiful red ray after sunset photo, and I enjoyed the cranes and Jupiter and its moons, too.

    • Glenda was rolling around in the hammock being silly for the camera. Spunk and Marble started wrestling soon after that photo and Spunk threw Marble off the counter with a kitty karate flip. Marble was back in an instant ready for more. Never a dull moment. Thanks, JYP.

  3. Difference #1720 between cats and dogs – when the online box of socks comes Spunk and Sasha gets in the empty box – when Ruger sees new socks he grabs them when we are not looking and we NEVER seen them again – somewhere there is a huge sock stash in our house. Note, the Spunk and Marble shot is adorable.

    • What the dryer doesn’t eat the dogs do? Rosencrantz was our tattletale kitty. He once showed us Guildnstern’s stash of birds. Guildenstern was a bad kitty. You need a tattletale dog to find the stash of socks. Thanks, Brian.

      • Pretty sure little Ruger would threaten to have his brothers duct taped to the walls if they even so much as thought about ratting him out. He is constantly shooting them nasty looks if they even get anywhere close to his toys. I do predict an attempt of an alpha dog coup in the coming months. Raven has been tolerating him up to this point and letting his threats go unchecked, but one of these days he is going to get fed up with the puppy energy and put “baby in the corner”. Our middle poodle is just plain spineless and content to just let things play out and deal with whatever turns out.

  4. Online shopping is not only fun for people but we can double dip by keeping the kitties happy for free. Well, it’s not really free but they love those boxes. The Sandhills crane sitings are far and few between here lately. I don’t know why. Love the photographs!

  5. I so get the appeal of ordering on line. Ugh – went to a store yesterday – first off what the hell was I thinking of going on Sunday? and it was packed. Just ugh.
    How do you get the cranes to fly in formation for you like that?
    The kitties have got it made in your home.
    And that sunset is funky!

    • It’s so funny how they like to see how small of a box the can fit in. The circle and circle trying to twist themselves in. Thanks, Lizzy.

  6. It seems during this time of the year people are driving a little more crazier for some reasons. It is the worse time to drive around shopping plaza parking lot.

    These are fun pictures and your feline friends were having a great time 🙂

    • This particular parking lot is always a hazed. But right before the holidays it’s a real mess. Thanks, Yellow Cable.

  7. The Target parking lot here is a mess also, no matter the time of year. It seems to scrunched together, and has way more handicapped parking spaces than needed, so most have to park in the back forty.
    Loved seeing your beautiful kitties…they always brighten my day.

    • Thanks, KT. Definitely more HC parking than needed at Target. It seems like all the people with handicaps go to Walmart. Walmart has a fraction of the HC spaces as Target, and those spaces are rarely full. Yet I’ll see several people in wheelchairs or on the electric carts at Walmart. Walmart seems more HC-friendly than Target, so I don’t get the overabundance of HC parking at Target.

  8. It seems shopping is headed in this direction – buy online, then delivered – particularly if the labor shortage can’t be figured out. In this case you’ll only need warehousemen. Your only work requirement, can you lift 50 pounds? Or, more aptly, can you lift a bag/box/bucket of kitty litter with a cat at your feet? 🐈🐈🐈🐈

    • I’ve been buying the kitty litter that weighs almost half as much as regular kitty litter and costs almost double. Thanks, David.

      • I buy regular litter, the non-clumping kind. I’ve noticed 20 lbs of clumping litter seems to weigh heavier than a 20 lb bag of regular litter. Then, there’s the price.

      • I used to buy the regular clumping kitty litter in 35 to 40 pound buckets. The light weight stuff I buy is 17 pounds in the same bucket as the 35 pound clumping litter. It is 1/2 the weight now that I look at the weight on the buckets.

  9. new boxes are a kitties delight and they look spoiled and happy!!! Mine love them and now my daughters here and there are 6 litter boxes here too.. lol. Hugs to the kittles.💖💖

  10. Definitely Spunkie-Poo 💋 looks the best in boxes.
    Sasha’s a close second!!
    All of the cats look gorgeous, and they seem to be getting along nicely!
    Great shot of the cranes.
    BTW – Norm says he is blown away by the beauty you capture where you live, especially the skies.

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