Poetry & Song

I’m so excited and honored that my poem A Walk In Winter was featured on MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton today. Thank you, Gabriela!

Criag, who is a member of Tristan’s Tribe, recorded a wonderful unplugged cover of I Sat By The Ocean. Tristan painted a watercolor for the song.

Watercolor by Tristan Price.

102 thoughts on “Poetry & Song

  1. This is all around great, Tim.. Craig has a great voice and your daughter has wonderful watercolour talent. Wonderful collaboration
    How cool your poem was selected, too!

      • Happy for you!
        It’s pretty good. I went out with my camera as the grey turned to some blue. The neck was doing fine but now the end of the day is approaching so I’m feeling it more. (Plus, just talked to my sister whilst preparing supper. Not good to hold the phone between ear and shoulder!)

      • You need to put your phone on speaker when talking to your sister whilst preparing supper. Phone between shoulder and neck is a pain in the neck when you have an unpained neck.

      • Not really. Eleanor commented that she thought I was nice. I told her you had done the same a few days ago and I questioned it. However, I told her I have a soft spot for intelligence, wit and beauty which you two have an excess of.

  2. This so wonderful all the way around! Congratulations to you, and to Tristan for the beautiful art, and to all involved…

  3. Beautiful poem, Timothy. A peaceful scene you created with engaging imagery. The photo is gorgeous, of course! Love this line~ “Watchful sliver moon alone”

  4. Congratulations. Please, may l know if Tristan Price is related to you? I love the painting; so simple with mild colors. I think Tristan has a good heart.

    • Such a pain we we lose our cookies. I’m happy you got them in order so you could hear Craig’s song.

  5. Congratulations on having your poem published…you did a good job evoking the senses with this one. I felt as if I were there.
    I enjoyed the song and the painting also.

  6. I went over, and read your fabulous poem. It’s perfect with the pic.
    Nice cover, sounds great. Tristan made a Lovely watercolour!
    Thank you, all!

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