Between Biblical and The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

My friend Ron, who was born four days after me in the same hospital, we grew up together, and there is not I time that we can remember not knowing each other, sent me a photo of my horoscope as part of his wishing me a happy birthday. He commented that 41 days was an odd number of days to be extraordinarily lucky. Forty-one is truly an odd number, and prime, as it is only divisible by 1 and 41, and I told him it was odd because it was between Biblical and the answer to life, the universe, and everything. The horoscope is very positive. Another interesting aspect of the horoscope is that the first four of my lucky numbers add up to be my age, and the fifth number is Biblical.

I ended up doing a lot of errands on the way home from work, and a lot of different chores after I got home this afternoon. The weather was clouds moving through, being pushed by high winds and the temperature had dropped significantly from yesterday. Well after sundown, facing wind and cold, I walked out to the river and got photos of the cranes in the darkness, the wild clouds, and the colors lingering in the dusk.

89 thoughts on “Between Biblical and The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

    Thank you for the pics and the positive outlook for an extended time!

  2. Well now… I can’t ever forget your birthday, Tim! It’s my baby’s birthday today, too. She is 22.
    I hope you had a fantabulously marvellous day! xoxo
    Beautiful pictures… Of course the sky would deliver today 🙂

    • Thanks, Dale. The sky came through, but I had to suffer in the cold wind to get it. But I’m not complaining. Today is Cindy’s father’s birthday, she has Unique Times blog, and Susan with SW Desert blog birthday, also. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  3. What gorgeous pics! The Goldens and blues and purples and Greys- stunningly clicked as always!

    Also, wishing you many many many more happy returns of the day!! 🎂🎂 May you have a fantabulous year ahead, loads of adventures and celebrations along the road. Sending prayers and best wishes for an amazing year! Happiest birthday!!!Have a blast! 🥳

    • Awww. Thank you for the wonderful comment and blessing, Sam. I appreciate it. Which reminds me I had some rhymes for name, but didn’t have time to comment. Now I need to go back and remember what they were.

      • What rhymes for name? 🤔
        Anyway, hope you have or had a lovely day! It’s the next day here already, (27th Oct) so I should have had to say “belated birthday wishes” 😉

      • I think we would find each other’s worlds vastly different worlds. Mine sparcely populated and dry. Yours, densly populated and wet (wet compared to where I live, I’m sure). We are worlds apart in different worlds. A least we are are on the same planet.

      • Different times as in our generations and the time zones we live in. You are the future, I’m the past. Yet we live in the present, share our thoughts, and learn from each other. It really makes for a beautiful world to bring different generations from different cultures together to share bits and pieces of our disparate lives.

      • You honestly don’t feel like a “different generation” at all! “It really makes for a beautiful world to bring different generations from different cultures together to share bits and pieces of our disparate lives.” In fact, that’s a very gen-Z thing to say! I’m sure most 50+ people would think of technology as being an unnecessary intervention in life. You are progressive and more open in that sense, akin to the youth.
        Also, I said “different times” because you come from a liberal society and India is quite conservative (to put it lightly). I may belong to the younger generation, but I am conservative/ orthodox when it comes to certain things myself. (I don’t mean politically).
        Teens in your country would be wildly different from us. So we do live a bit in the past, but also have one leg in the future 😅 It’s like we live in many centuries at once here. You mostly live in the present (and the future) which I greatly admire and respect 😊

      • That is very true. You have ancient culture and traditions. We have a few hundred years of history in this country. Many people want to erase that history. The ancient past is “classic rock” for many young people. I’m a dinosaur in their eyes.

      • Jumping in to voice agreement. I really don’t understand this mentality/trend of different generations hating each other (according Buzzfeed/the internet, Boomer/Millennial hate with Gen Z judging the crap out of Millennials is like, a thing). But really, we should actually talk to and listen to each other instead of making snap judgements. One thing I like about blogging vs. the internet generally is that bloggers seem to actually listen and learn from each other vs. the rest of the internet where you just get trolls

      • I don’t get it either. Younger people can have really good insights and challenge the same stupid things people have done forever because people don’t like change, and close off opportunities to change and possibly make things better. I appreciate that they challenge things. I often don’t agree, but I’ll listen. I know a lot of people who complain a lot about millennials and gen z using stereotypes that indicate they rarely interact with millennials and gen z. People think it’s cool the trash other people. It’s sad. There is a lot of envy and insecurity in this world.

  4. Happy Birthday, Tim! I like that horoscope reading – right on!

    I echo the best wishes for a wonderful year ahead, and many more to come. The photos are stunning. You had a wildly beautiful day down there for your birthday.

    • Thanks, again, Cheyenne. The cranes are coming in pretty thick now. You should start seeing them soon.

    • You one of those bloggers on the other side of the world that Sam and I were discussing. Thanks, Rudi.

  5. Fascinating. You don’t usually get that much precision in a horoscope. I feel like horoscopes are usually vague enough to be accurate for everyone. In any case, happy birthday and best wishes that the next 41 days (and subsequent days thereafter) are excellent!

    • Thanks for the best wishes, JYP. Horoscopes are like mini apocalypses to me. While I read apocalypses, I rarely read horoscopes, but this one does seem much more specific and detailed than usual.

  6. A lot to take in there, Sir.
    Did I miss your Birthday? Sorry, mate, I hope it went well.
    Then your prime numbers bit in there; I’m not clever enough to grasp them. Lack of education…
    Then, the fantastic photos you posted – Brilliant! Hehehe! I’m not jealous, of course. Hehehe!

  7. How cool is that.. I’ll share it with my Dad too.. and I agree about Pieces adoring you!~!🌷🌷 That wold be me too since I’m a pieces. Wow, the sky had a great gift for you and us. Thanks for sharing it!💖

  8. Whoa, that 6th shot in the grouping packs a lot of aggression – grabs your attention. Happy birthday – might consider running an ultra in the next 41 days and put that luck to the test ha!

    • I think I might answer the question if there is a heaven or hell if I tried an ultra in the sorry shape I’m in. Thanks, Brian.

  9. Happy Birthday, Tim!
    So, I read the horoscope. Looks like you’ll be getting a new kitten.
    I admit to a tad of cloud jealousy. Yes, we have cloud here: 1 big cloud that just sits over the city.
    xoxoxo HB xoxoxo

    • Thanks, Resa. I can’t deal with the thought of another cat to herd. Spunk and Silver are out of control, and the kittens egg them on. We get great clouds out here.

  10. Happy birthday Tim, yea!!!! A great life to celebrate. I am a Capricorn Tim. Could you tell? Sending my love and very big birthday hugs for you!!!!! So glad you are here, the world is a better place with you in it!!!! Love and hugs, Joni

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