63 thoughts on “Pueblos, Tactics

    • I think it’s many display. I used to play chess, but not in a long, long time. Thanks, Samruddhi.

    • Are you a chess player? I haven’t played in years. When we lived in Spain a Scotsman expat had a chess set with pieces in various places. His opponent lived South America and they sent each other letters, via snail mail, for each move. Since litters took two weeks to a month to go either way, it was a very slow game. Thanks, Jeff.

      • I played off and on as a kid, and then again as the boys were growing up. I’ve not played regularly in years. Ah. That’s a slow game indeed. Welcome, Tim.

    • All the artwork on the wall represents the 8 northern Pueblos with a few images of Da Vargas, I assume, and the Spanish influence. I don’t think the chess is meant to have any symbolism other than being a sculptural element. However, as I mentioned to Mary Jo there is an implication of Europe with the chess set. The Pueblos did not have chess or anything remotely like it before the Europeans came to America.

  1. That brings back memories – used to play chess with my much older brother all the time when we were growing up – hint, get used to losing if your brother happens to be a future multi-degree’d nuclear physicist. Not sure I’ve even played once since he headed off to college. May have to drag it out next time he is around and see if he has come down to my level yet.

  2. This is so cool. I only played chess once. The Mr was teaching me and then he took a huff cos I beat him. Lol. One of my books centres round a chess tournament. For the actual playing scenes I just went online and hauled some of the moves in some of the best chess games going!

    • Online is great for getting the lowdown on stuff you don’t know well. I’m not surprised you beat him. Tristan used to beat me all the time. She was in a chess club in her teens. I don’t think Laurie and I ever played chess.

  3. This is such a unique and interesting ( and fun) display it would certainly draw me to this mall. Wonderful , I love it . I have a chess set from Mexico. The quartz thing, they are pretty common nowadays.

    • People would get upset with us for using foreign words in scabble. We’re like it’s you problem if you are monoligual. I’m not sure my adult onset ADHD would allow me to make it through a chess game these days. Thanks, Resa.

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