52 thoughts on “Early Birds

    • I love crows they are smart, cantankerous, ornery, and noisy. I love watching them fly in large groups following the Rio Grande that we call the crow highway. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • It was only a miner murder, but they looked like killer crows getting ready for Holloween, indeed. Thanks, Brian.

    • It certainly does. I couldn’t tell if the road kill cookie the one crow had was chocolate or not. But he got it. Thanks, Herman.

  1. The local crows here in Nottingham, have a murder every now and then in the treetops in the copse. I got some photos of them one day – but since then, every single time I’ve spotted them amassed, by the time I’ve got the camera and struggled to get the balcony windows open, the murder had ended, and off they have flown!
    I’m sure the odd ones fly past my windows to mock me! Hahaha!

  2. Great photo, Timothy. You captured the essence of crows–always up to something, and distinctive silhouettes. I love crows and this is a great scene you shared.

  3. Dear Timothy,
    what a great picture. We love the graphic of the archtecture and the light.
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. They’re everywhere. πŸ™‚

    O/T: It seems WP deleted you from the follow list. I also noticed they started to delete your comments too. Crickets from WP. Sounds like erasure to me. Likely you’ll need to refollow.

      • I know WP is notorious for deleting followers in droves after reaching a certain number. They must have some sort of algorithm. Either that or they don’t like the both of us so they can play their little mind games.

        Thanks, Tim, for the refollow.

      • I would have eventually noticed I wasn’t getting your posts. I know I get talked off other people’s blogs, but I usually remain following them. But I there are times when people disappear and when I check, I’m not following them anymore. And then sometime people all of a sudden reappear after they haven’t blogged in a few years.

  5. A brilliant collection of crows, TIm. Every night, I watch for the crows to pass my window on their way to their roost in Burnaby. The crows come from all over the city – approximately 6,000 – to find their way home. It is a heartening sight to see hundreds fly past by window.

  6. oh the crows of the day and their noise drive me cra cra but I love looking at them in the night .. I bet they’re quiet then. If not, I’m only seeing them in the pic. hahaha. nice shot!πŸ’–.

  7. I love the photographs of the crows, you are right they are very different birds. When we lived outside of Seattle their was the sweetest school girl who would get chased and tormented by this crow. I never saw him peck her but he scared me a few times. I think that was his territory. Great shot. xoxoxxo

    • That was a mean crow. I’ve never seen them show aggression towards people. They are very aggressive towards other birds. Thanks, Joni.

      • Yea I always watched her, it never pecked her but it chased her every morning until she was out of the gate. I have never hurt a bird I love watching all animals especially your owls and that dancing beaver of yours. Talk about funny. Love you guys. β€οΈπŸ€—

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