62 thoughts on “Orange

  1. Do you happen to know what kind of bird is in that second shot? Strong bill like a bunting or a female blue grosbeak, but colors are throwing me off a bit.

    • I think it’s a female blue grosbeak. We have lots of blue grosbeaks around tight now. It was really orange. Thanks, Brian.

  2. Oh Tim! Fantastic photos. I really enjoy how you put a story together with the colour orange. As Vincent Van Gogh once wrote: “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”

    • Thanks, Rebecca. True, it’s hard to be blue looking at the varieties of oranges in nature.

    • Thanks, Lavina. There are a lot of clouds to the west. I missed the moon. It’s supposed to be cloudy all week.

  3. These are all spectacular shots. My favorite is the orange sun. We had smoke in the atmosphere here a week or so back from distant fires…had a few similar sunsets.

    • Thanks, KT. The red sun made me thing of The Krinkle’s song “Red Rubber Ball”:

      “And I think it’s gonna be alright
      Yeah, the worst is over now
      The morning sun is shining
      Like a red rubber ball”

      But I don’t think “it’s going to be alright” or the worst id over yet”. Do you remember that song?

      • “I should have known
        You’d bid me farewell
        There’s a lesson to be learned from this
        And I’ve learned it very well
        Now I know I’m not the only starfish is the sea
        And if I never hear your name again, it’s all the same to me…
        Yes, I remember it well. And I agree, the worst isn’t over yet. Before long, I fear government will be telling us when we can go to the bathroom—they already tell us who can go in which bathroom, and it ain’t pretty. As my mama would have phrased it, “We’re going to hell in a hand basket”…and that hell is here on earth. Thank you, Snowflakes.

      • Yes. We tend to make our own hells. And if we don’t do a hell of a good job of it ourselves, the government has FGTHIAHBC insurance to guaranty we are well fitted in our hellish handbaskets.

      • I don’t recognize that acronym…seems familiar, but I can’t place it.
        Don’t get me started on our government or I’ll never shut up. It is NOTHING anymore like our Founding Fathers intended it to be. Corrupt, power-hungry %#$&#%#@$!!!

      • FGTHIAHBC = “Federal Going To Hell in a Hand Basket Corp.” Guaranteed to give you lots of hell. I know what you mean about the PHPs (power-hungry pendejos).

      • And so much “do as I say, but not as I do, because we’re special and don’t have to live by the rules we set for you.” I see two ways it can go—the population goes along meekly, and we sink into a country ruled by the elite and their cronies, with everyone else dependent on the government for the bare necessities, OR, a day of reckoning comes when enough people say “we’re mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore!” and do something about it. I look for the first to happen.

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