Loki’s Beauty Rest

I recorded the music for Loki’s Beauty Rest in 2018. It’s a parody of Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath. I’ve been thinking about how to do a video for the parody for a long time, especially what to do with the long introduction and the meow meow solo. I finally came up with what I thought are decent solutions. Parody Lyrics at the end of the post.



Loki’s Beauty Rest
Music: Jethro Tull
Arrangement: Timothy Price
Preformed by AWB

In the bustling catness
Loki needs his beauty rest
He’s the all-time snoozer
Awakened nonetheless

Oh, I hold the dish a scraping
Tie hanging off my brow
Spunk’s playing with the candle
And Loki won’t stop snoring
No, he won’t come down
No, he won’t come down

He sees those pens to knock off
From the table one by one
He doesn’t have to pretend
In bed he’s having fun

While I’m standing in the corridor
Cameras hanging on my knees
Spunk’s playing with the candle
And Loki won’t stop snoring
No he won’t come down

[meow meow solo]

He hears the Spunk a howling
Killing lids as he calls
Silver the all-time whiner
Has gone and lost his balls

Oh, he licks his ridiculous rival
Both lying in the sun
I think Spunk’s playing with the candle and
Loki won’t stop snoring
No, he won’t come down

No, he won’t come down
No, he won’t come down
No, he won’t come down
No, he won’t come down
No, he won’t come down

43 thoughts on “Loki’s Beauty Rest

  1. Ah… Jethro Tull… I’m having flash backs right away this morning. Jethro Tull was the favourite band of my brother and he had all their albums in his collection. I think I have their Greatest Hits somewhere lying around.
    I often wonder what cats dream when they are making funny noises while they are sleeping…

    • Hi Herman. I’ve always liked Jethro Tull. They produced good, relevant and poignant music. I image cats dream about chasing rabbits and birds.

  2. Oh my o my o my!!!!!!! What a great production! Intro with the thought cloud is brilliant, then the song [Ian Anderson needs to hear it!] and meow solo, blew my mind!
    No wonder why the painter was in a great mood to paint such skies!

    • Thanks. Marina. I’m happy you liked it. I was troubled for the longest time what video to do with the intro. Before that I was troubled figuring out how to do the intro since I don’t play the piano. I tried to figure out the intro on a keyboard, but it was horrible. I finally decided to play it on my flamenco guitar, which worked pretty well. Loki doesn’t drink out of the jug very often, but he did the other day, which gave me some footage for the meow meow solo. Loki doesn’t do much more than snooze, so I didn’t have any action video of Loki before I got him “jugging.”

  3. I LOVED this post and the video. Don and I watched it a couple times over coffee this morning. Your video sequencing with the music was superb. You have a marvelous wit – so much fun to watch. Loved the corridor view!!!

    • Hi Rebecca. I’m so happy both of you had fun with this post. I thought about loading myself down with more cameras to look really ridiculous, but that load was heavy and barely fit in the corridor as it was. Getting all the pieces of footage filmed and putting videos together is really time consuming. I would do more videos if I had time. You all know what it’s like doing the interviews. Putting audio together is really time consuming also.

      • Don and I know exactly the hours you spent on that video. It was seamless and so very much fun to watch. Are you on YouTube?

      • I am on youtube. I haven’t uploaded that parody yet. I upload parodies to my blog first to make sure the video is accessible in all countries. YouTube usually blocks access to some counties depending on the song. Most of the parodies get opened up to full access after a few weeks on YouTube, but not always.

  4. LOLOLOL!!! This is hysterical! Fave shot in the video: you with the cameras, then Loki’s dreams (what a riot) and worryingly Spunkie-Poo 💋 with the damn candle.
    All in all a very informative video as to just how spoiled your cats are.
    Good job with the music, Tim!!!

    • Hi Resa. Happy you got a good laugh out of this one. Spunk in his curiosity had to discover for himself that a burning candle is hot. He is so silly. Now you know what cats dream about. As I mentioned to Rebecca, who also liked the cameras on my knee, I was going to have more cameras to look more rediculous, but I decided I was rediculous enough with what I had.

  5. I love this song by Jethro Tull, but I do prefer yours now! Loki’s perfect. I think he is like a ‘Cinderella Cat’, a beautiful black cat chasing pens in daytime, turning to a panther hunting wild animals at night….

  6. Wow Tim…
    So this is what you were referring to earlier…..
    Song parodies……lovely….thoroughly enjoyed reading and viewing……
    Great clicks and I didn’t know you were into music inspired parodies…..so so fun….

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