Kittens, Cranes, Kitties, Crows

Gwendolyn  gargoyling

Glenda and Gwendolyn have full run of the house, catio, and deck now. Teagan had cast them as flying monkeys in a kitty fantasy, and she was right. The kittens are like a couple of flying monkeys. They have become very difficult to photograph because they won’t hold still if they are out of the dark kitten caves they have made for themselves in the laundry room. The big kitties have finally accepted the kittens and everyone is getting along reasonably well. The big kitties have become much more playful under the influence of the kittens. Of course, the big cats are also teaching the kittens many of their bad habits.

Cranes coming in for landing with crows in the background.



We’re just dropping in the see what condition all the conditions are in.

Spunk in the fuzzy hammock I replaced the last burlap hammock with.

The murder of Crows continues.

“You didn’t include me in the title?” Nope! You’re the intermission.

Cranes cavorting

Glenda in the dark.

Cranes at sunset

Gwendolyn: “What cream?”


Gwendolyn: “La Llorona? What were you saying about La Llorona drowning kittens?” Children. She drowns children.

Glenda: “Kittens are children too!”

60 thoughts on “Kittens, Cranes, Kitties, Crows

  1. I love all the photos, Tim. Nice selection The kitties are always a treat, and my favorite composition is cranes at sunset. Owl is a handsome fellow, too!

    • BTW I had another person comment off the blog that my TULIP reminded him of Captain Beefheart. I find that interesting because I hadn’t listened to them in like 40 years.

    • Marble had just finished eating something, and she was annoyed at me for photographing her. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. How long did it take for the kittens to be accepted? I’m still working on trying to keep Caitie from being overaggressive when one of the others hiss at her.

    • Hi David. About 4 months. Silver started dealing with them about a month ago when it got really cold and he really wanted to sleep on me. Spunk was the last to accept them, just a few weeks ago. But he’s really playing with them, now. Silver still slaps at them, but he slaps at everyone. Gwendolyn is smaller than Glenda, but she is braver and more adventurous. She tries to body slam Silver, but she just ends up bouncing off of him.

      The kittens had to figure out the cat doors to the reat of the house, the catio and the deck themselves, and we still keep the bedroom and bathroom door closed. The bedroom, bathroom and laundry room are their territory and they feel secure and in control behind those doors. They still act like they are getting away with something when they are in the rest of the house. None of the cats have access to the birds’ room or the snake’s room. They are not very curious about the birds’ room, but, curiously enough, they are all curious about the snake’s room.

    • They are a little shocked by the big camera and lens, truth be told. I only used my phone for photos and video of them in the bedroom.

      • If you search “kittens” on my blog there are at least 10 posts with them in August. There are some videos with music played on the guitars I built over the summer.

      • You are welcome. But you are right. I do need to do more kitten posts. I’ve been keeping them too much to myself.

  3. Those little kitties lift our spirits and bring a big smile to my face. The cavorting cranes and echelon of birds in the sunset. All your doing in sharing this with us. Thank you Tim.

  4. Fun to hear of the kitten world and to see their happy homes, what a wonderful life they have. I so loved both sunset photos here, oh my, so splendid. The cranes coming in with the crows in the background, and that marvelous way they land with their legs stretched out. And the other photo, with the cranes in flight and the peace of the day. Great horned owl staring right at you.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. We are truly blessed with all our critters wild and domestic but still wild in their domesticity.

  5. Incredible shots Tim!! Birds and cats .. perfect! What about the look on Marbles face, what a classic. As for your beautiful black kitties .. they are divine. Nice to see my fav Spunk in the lineup! And cranes against a blue sky .. heaven

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