“EEK! A mouse!” “Nice jump Dude!”

“That was close.”

“I’m not impressed.”


“Did someone say ‘Mouse’?”


“False Alarm!”

The excitement in the Rio Grande and bosque this evening. Cranes and owls. Spunk and Sasha had to comment.

49 thoughts on “EEK!

  1. A dancing crane: momma and papa owls; beautiful sky and clouds; cats just chilling…especially enjoyed for normalcy on this particular day.
    Wishing you and Laurie a wonderful Epiphany. πŸ™‚

    • I guess after all the crazy music it’s nice to have some normal river, bosque, kitty scenes. Happy Epiphany. Laurie’s making Spanish chocolate.

  2. These bird pictures are amazing Tim. Great work! The owls are always a favorite and we love cats so that is adorable. The sky is amazing. You are a terrific photographer my friend.

    • Thanks, Joni. The cranes will be heading north in about a month or so. I think the owls are going to nest in about a month or so also.

    • I guess you are in the city, but there is a lot of nature and wildlife in Australia. Thanks, aveRAGE.

    • A bunch of might mouse hunters. Cranes will eat a mice as readily as owls and cats. The clouds tend to leave mice alone.

  3. That “Intermission” sky is amazing. I can see why your area has been used as a setting for a couple of popular television series. It’s basically a character on its own…beautiful πŸ™‚

    • And several movies too. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad except for a short clip that my programmer was in. Same goes for In Plain Sight. I saw the short clips he was in. Bruce was a extra in at least one episode in each of the seasons of In Plain Sight, I believe. His truck was in one episode of Better Call Saul. I did see the movie Gamer (2009). A lot of it was filmed behind my office. They built a huge set behind my office, and took my parking spot for 3 months. One day they were filming a gunfight while I was on the phone with a client in another state. He asked what all the noise was. I said a gunfight. He freaked and I told him there had been a lot of gunfights behind my office lately. That was the movies. Sadly, 12 years later, real gunfights are not uncommon down here.

      • These days I avoid violent television, novels, including most ‘news’ platforms for this very reason. Too real and disturbing, with images that take up mind space that stifles creativity, which requires silence.

      • I know where you are coming from. We don’t have TV and it’s been about a year since we watched a movie. And the only reason we watched a movie is because a friend put the DVD in my hand and insisted I watch the movie. It was a decent movie. Otherwise, 2013 was the last time we watched movies in French before going to France.

  4. Oh those owls! What great shots these are Tim.
    I also avoid tv whenever possible. My daughter recently finished “The Queens Gambit” and I’m watching that because she told me that I’d love the styling and the story line. And, she was right, I do love the styling. Also a story about a female chess player is pretty great.

    • Thanks, Sylvia. There are some enjoyable movies out there. I would probably like some of the TV programs if I wanted to take time to watch some of them. Our daughter was into chess when she was a teenager.

  5. Lots of neat pics, but Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ looks the sweetest.
    Sasha is pretty cute, too!
    The intermission sky is quite amazing. We have 1 type of clouds here, so it seems…. thick and dark. It’s the lake effect!

    • Hi Resa. Spunk is the coolest of the cats. We get really nice clouds here. We miss our skies when we travel.

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