The Five O’clock Hour Más o Menos

Mostly blue skies tonight a little after 5:00 at pm.

Cranes catnapping a little after 5:00 pm.

Mia’s tree under a wild sky at five till five.

A Pterodactyl catnapping with ducks at ten till five.

Marina’s Incognito Tree just before sunset.

Resa’s tree in the snow yesterday around noon.

Dale’s Peach Tree in daylight under blue skies the day before yesterday.

37 thoughts on “The Five O’clock Hour Más o Menos

  1. Great shots of the trees! (Resa’s tree is one heckuva beauty! Le Gasp)
    Anyway, the Tangle-Heart w/owls is in ep 3. and Dale’s Peach tree is still working.
    Holly already picked the song.
    I checked the forecast. Sun and clouds tomorrow. That usually means clouds, with sun behind them.
    I’ll be all set up to take pics, just in case.
    Other than that, Thursday is supposed to be mostly sunny.

  2. With the diverse bird population in “your backyard,” do you and Laurie participate in the backyard bird count? I wonder what they would say if you were to list part of your count as pteros. 🙂

    • We don’t participate in any special bird counts. The bosque is a wildlife zone with lots a birds, many not particularly common passing through. Thanks, David.

  3. How did I miss this?!!!!! Each shot is gorgeous and the trees….. [Le Gasp indeed on Resa’s!]
    I know my incognito isn’t spectacular, but how lovely these branches like tiny flames turning red as they look to the sky! 😉

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