Moon & Venus On The Rise

Moon & Venus rising at 6:00 am.

I woke up at 5:45 am this morning to a sliver moon peeking through the window and Venus hanging out in the trees. I got up, put on shoes, checked the temp, 18º F outside, grabbed my camera, and headed out into the cold and dark. I took a series of photos of the moon and Venus rising over the next hour.

6:22 am

6:23 am

6:25 am using a different exposure.

6:25 am

6:40 am

6:41 am

6:44 am

7:00 am

Venus had disappeared and the moon was just barely a sliver as the sun was getting ready to rise at 7:03 am.

The moon had faded to a tiny sliver by 7:04 am.


62 thoughts on “Moon & Venus On The Rise

  1. 18 degrees is cold! I very much enjoyed this series, Tim. The dark forms of trees look they are admiring Venus and the Moon. We had low clouds and rain at dawn today.

    • Hi Lavinia. Clouds moved in and it was overcast and cold all day. We got a slight sprinkle of snow around 4:30. The clouds are starting to break up now.

  2. Cripe, 18 is just too chilly, dude! Wonderful photos, Tim, I love the progression. The trees add an ethereal quality. 😊👍🏻

  3. These timed-shots were something special, Tim.
    Did you face to the south-east when you took them, Sir? I ask because I think I saw Venus last week.
    Cheers, Sir.

      • You will see Venus and the moon in a slightly different part of the sky than we will. I looked it up. Venus rises just before 6:00 am in Nottingham these days. In case you were curious, Uranus sets at 4:09 am. Does that correspond with a call to the porcelain throne?

      • I shall make a point of looking for Vwnus this morning and tha foresaid 06:00hrs, camera at the ready, providing as you say, the Throne does not call me. Hehe!

        The one time I saw venus, it was the same height as the moon, to the left, and very tiny. I’ll try my best to get a picture.

        Cheers, Sir.

      • Venus can look very bright to the naked eye, but it will be a tiny dot when you photograph it.

      • Wel, at least it’s not me then, thanks, Tim.
        The one time I saw it, and shot it, I wasn’t sure if it was aspec on the lens or Venus. I’ve just had a look outside when I made a brew, the clouds seem to gathering in the skies, but I’ll try at 06:00, fingers crossed.

    • Thanks, aveRAGE. It’s not too hard to get photos like this if you have a camera with manual settings.

    • Hi Nancy. Yes. Jupiter and Saturn converge on the 21st. I’ve been trying to photograph them every night, but it’s been cloudy the last few nights. I’ve also been looking to se if I can see the meteor shower. We might have too much light pollution from the city to see it.

      • I’m hoping to do the same but we have had lots of clouds lately… I will be watching for a clear night.
        Good Luck my friend.

  4. A different kind of pre-dawn twilight series, very nice. Was this a special wake-up, or normal early morning puttering? Normally, I’m busy with the kitty crew, then the doggie crew. It has to be a special to look up. Sometimes, an early flight of geese will pass overhead, but they have no set time or direction with their flyover.

  5. These are quite beautiful, evocative and visceral for me…reminding me of when I had easier access to such phenomena. The photos with tree silhouettes are especially moving…very nice composition! These would have been an excellent addition to my poem Silver Cord published last January. on my blog. If you’d be gracious enough to grant permission, I’d like to replace the one used with your top photo here. It’s perfect!

  6. Hi Tim, your photos are beautiful as are all your wild life photos as well. I think you may have seen that I nominated you for the “Travel Photo Challenge for Ten Days” but I don’t know if you have the time to participate. It would be a blessing if you did, but I understand if you don’t have time. Everyone is so busy this time of year. I am sending you love and hugs. I love the photographs of the coyotes. I bet you can really hear them howling when they get started. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Joni

    • Hi Joni. I went and read your nomination. Thanks for the kind words. As I responded, if I can start on Tuesday and do past travels, I haven’t been traveling this year, then I’ll do it.

      • Wow that is really wonderful of you. That is completely fine. Not many people have been doing a lot of travel. Your photographs are splendid so whenever you start would be a blessing to every one. I am also reposting sites of nominees with each day. Thank you so much for joining in. Hope all is well. Sending love and wishes for a safe but fun weekend at the Rio Grande. Love to you both Joni

      • Sounds great. You can also add local places around your State. I do very little travel so what I post is what I post. Most of mine will be places that make N.C. a great place to visit between you and me. So there are no hard fast rules. You post whatever you want my friend it will be a blessing. Thanks again Tim. It feels strange we are sitting at our computer ordering Italian dinner to be picked up for Christmas Eve. Helping to keep one of our favorite restaurants open. We don’t go out to eat a lot but it is nice on special occasions not to have to try too far. We have been hanging inside except to walk and buy groceries. We have a way of making the best of whatever is happening and I have a feeling you two to the same. Love ❤️ to you both. 🤗💕❤️Joni

      • I have lots of older travel photos it would be nice to pull out. Enjoy your Italian.

      • Well do my friend. Very kind of you to participate Tim I know everyone is busy. Nice to connect people with photographers. Everyone likes looking at beautiful photographs. I am a novice but my nominees are pros like yourself. Sending hugs 🤗🤗🤗💕❤️

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