50 thoughts on “Cloudy

      • I had snow earlier and then what sounded like a pretty good rain tonight. We certainly needed it but I hope it is not ice in the morning.

      • The precip is really nice to get. I haven’t been able to water for the past couple of weeks because the hoses haven’t thawed out.

      • Ah, yes, this morning, Sir. Had I seen and read it, I’d have seen the funny side, and posted something about it to! Gave me a much needed laugh, Tim, thanks.
        I think I did one (post) about instructions for the rice cooker? Or not, I get more confused and muddled than ever nowadays.

    • Hi Lavinia. We had a small accumulation of snow and then hard rain from 7:00 to 8:30 or so last night.

  1. You have a way of drawing me into the Rio Grande, Tim, with your marvelous photos. That big stormy sky is glorious. And when I saw the scene with the sandhill cranes I heard myself whisper, “Oh God” for all its beauty. I’ve been to Bosque del Apache once, but would love to go again.

    • Thanks, Jet. The Rio Grande has in enchantment like New Mexico. Bosque del Apache is 100 mile south of us. We don’t get as many cranes all at one, but we get to see and hear cranes daily through the winter and we can get close to them. It’s really nice.

  2. I love the dramatic sky. I am surprised to hear you get snow, and especially this early in the year. Glad you have rain though, as it is much needed.

    • Hi Susan. We are 5,000 feet about sea level and the Sandias are 11,000 feet about sea level. Besides our normal dry desert conditions, it’s cold in the winter. We can get a lot of snow in wet years.

  3. Spectacular!!!
    Never saw clouds & sunset like that here. Although I did hear about a sunrise a couple of years ago.
    They think there was some special pollution that caused the event.

    • I thought you had a stream that runs through your house? Am I getting you mixed up with someone else? Thanks, Holly.

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