The Week: April 6th — April 12th

Photo of the Day, Etc for the week of April 6th — April 12th:

April 6th: Annoying photos of “Lola, la la la la Lola…”* —

April 7th: Lunar eclipse sequence with the Blood Moon —

April 8th: Colorful dawn —

April 9th: Flowers with more annoying cat photos* —

April 10th: Lady Banks —

April 11th: Very NM —

April 12th: And yet another annoying cat photo* —

*There are people who find blog posts with photos of cats to be extremely annoying, so I’m giving fair warning that the post contains cat photos.

14 thoughts on “The Week: April 6th — April 12th

  1. What an array of shots! Progress in the hole in back amazing…might you share a shot periodically for the Gold Avenue fb post so I can show progress? I KNOW how you feel about fb…just a shot periodically? Anyway, the cats are amazing – incredible positions and co-habitation of them all!!! And the flowers – you are amazing with your nature shots!!! P.

  2. Your cats seem to live the life of Riley! And the roses are lovely. We have a very old rambling rose in our garden which I love when it’s in bloom. And it’s interesting to see the construction progression.

  3. Another great set!!
    I also wanted to let you know that my blog has changed. I lost all my content and followers during a transfer. If you would still like to follow me, my new blog address is:

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