The Week: March 30th — April 5th

Photo of the Day, Etc for the week of March 23rd — 29th includes:

March 30th: Spring flowers and wild boar macaroni —

March 31st: Spunk in the window —

April 1st: Construction —

April 2nd: Spunk gets  his kitty prints —

April 3rd: Moonrise and Lola —

April 4th: A snaky lick and wild turkey —

April 5th: Flower girl —

11 thoughts on “The Week: March 30th — April 5th

  1. Flora, fauna, and Flower Girl. Turkey, snake, and boar… (thanks for not doing a snake recipe… 😉 ) Glorious moon and kitties galore! You had quite a week, Tim. Hugs! 😀

  2. The first daffodil looks almost transparent it’s so delicate and I agree with the comment about the pipes on the construction site looking like a robotic hand. And those kitties …

    For me the most captivating photo is the moonrise shot; it looks like a fantasy landscape. And to finish – the photos of Laurie are full of joy. Lovely pictures as ever.

  3. Wow what a combination!!!! The daffodils are prize winners – such a variety!!!!! And where on earth do you get wild boar??? Does it taste like pork? Gamey? the finished product looks delicious!!!!!!! P.

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