The Blog Before The Storm



I took this photo just after midnight on Friday morning. It was so windy and so much rain on Friday night, that the lightning was never clear, just bright flashes and loud crashes. Since the clouds are building up again, I thought I better get the blog posted before the storm hits and we lose power again. We got home at 4:30 pm yesterday and by the clocks that keep a memory of the time they went off, the power had been restored just an hour before we got home, which, if correct, means we were without power for 21 hours. The June bugs and roses are happy after the heavy rains, and Rosencrantz was enjoying a patch of catnip in the late afternoon light that was falling between the thunderheads building up in the western skies.









11 thoughts on “The Blog Before The Storm

  1. I’m glad you finally got some power restored, and I hope no one loses power again for a long time!
    The lightning pic is really beautiful! The June bug pics are interesting, the rose looks amazingly good. Rosenkrantz looks very happy!

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