Windows on Zuni



I took a short walk along Zuni this afternoon and got photos interesting windows along the way. We stopped by Tristan’s on the way home for the art show to check on the cats and water the plants and ended up in the middle of a major thunderstorm. Lighting knocked out the power, and buckets of water falling from the clouds flooded the streets. All the traffic lights north of Montaño were out on Coors Road, and visibility was almost zero at times making the six-way stop with the turns lanes at Paseo Del Norte and Coors tricky to negotiate with the traffic lights out.  As we drove into Corrales the rain let up and we noticed the power was on at the Frontier Mart. By the time we got home, not a drop of rain had fallen, but at least we had power. The rain finally passed over our house, but it was mild compared to what we drove through from Tristan’s to Corrales in.