Once In A Lifetime

Once in a lifetime
Pulled over for the photo
Owls cute as always

Osric Owl’s outlook

Nora Owl and the youngest owlet.

Nora Owl looking at the sunset. The owlets looking at the pesky paparazzo.

The sunset Nora Owl was looking at.

62 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime

      • What an awesome title

        Once in a lifetime, you get that special shot
        Sitting behind the steering wheel in that special automobile
        And you may ask where did that special birthday go too
        That special house at the foot of the mountain, at the coast.
        Once in a lifetime you turn 35, 45 even 65 or 75 years once in a lifetime
        Such special pic of Nora admiring the sunset before she comes out to romp with her little ones, teaching them the nightwatch

      • Awe. You are a clever one. I love it. Thanks, abvr. I do turn 65 this year. I used to listen to “When I’m Sixty-Four” when I was a kid and try to imagine what 64 would be like. Well here I am. I can’t say it’s anything like I imagined, but I’m grateful to have made it to When I’m Sixty-Four.

      • Oh wow. I would never have thought.
        I perceived you way younger
        I feel you do carry your age very well.
        On must live in that gratitude
        It is once in a lifetime 💛

  1. The Osric and Nora Wowl family is beautiful, Tim. Just the two owlets? Thank you so much for taking the time to get these photos and update readers with good news!

    • I pulled of and stopped so the odometer wouldn’t change before I could photo graph it. Fortunately I was on a road where I could pull over. Thanks, Rudi.

    • You are comendible for being cluelsess about cars. They are a necessity in these parts. Thanks, Janet.

      • 🙂 I did drive between 1968 and 1993…but that’s it…never driven since. If I do travel as a passenger every now and then, I am completely fascinated with all the gadgets.

  2. They are the most darling family.
    OMG! I just noticed…Orsic has tufts, and Nora doesn’t? xx
    Maybe they are just back in these pics, like when the cats put their ears back in annoyance.

    • Hahaha! I rarely redline the MX-5. When I had my RX-8, I redlined it every time I drove it to blow the carbon out of its Wankel. Thanks, Deborah.

  3. Good day to play the lottery .. recommend the numbers 3, 11 and 31! Incredible shots of the owls – the children are progressing nicely.

    • I’ve never played the lotttery. But I see what you mean. The owlets are getting big. They will be getting out of the nest soon. Thanks, Brian.

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