I Stood In Darkness

I stood in darkness
Under light of a sliver moon
Dawn woke pastel skies

Silver: “Have you ever noticed the moon has the same shape upside down?”

“Hi! I’m just a random fluffy black cat at a Chaucer party.”

69 thoughts on “I Stood In Darkness

  1. Hahaha… you just got to love the Silver quote “Have you ever noticed the moon has the same shape upside down?” and getting the proof in the next photograph!

    • Yes indeed. Silver was all proud of himself over that realization. We are happy you got a laugh out of Silver’s silliness. Thanks, Herman.

  2. That fluffy cat is a stunner
    Once upon a time I had one who look just like that, he was no poet like chaucer just a lazy fat cat, and a joy to watch how he went about living a stressless life.

    Like yout images
    An enchanting haiku

  3. I love the waning crescent moon, Tim. Beautiful photos and poem! She will be dark on Thursday, and then I’ll look for her in the west after that. My calendar says there will also be a “hybrid solar eclipse” on Thursday. I am not sure what a hybrid eclipse is.

    Silly Silver and the black fluffy kitty were fun to see. Is the black fluffy one of the neighbor’s cats or a new addition to your clowder of kitties?

  4. I like the line “Dawn woke pastel skies”. As if the pastel skies were just sleeping and Dawn woke them up so they could get to work. There is something amusing about this image. Enjoyed Silver’s cameo and commentary in this series. For a moment, I though that fluffy black cat was a new addition to your household.

    • I like the thought of Dawn waking the skies and getting the sun up The fluffy black cat is simply a Chaucer kitty. Like Chaucer, he is quite a character. Thanks, JYP.

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