61 thoughts on “A First

  1. We have plain old yellow daffodils now, but they’re welcome nonetheless 🙂 That orchid makes a stunning photo and growing them is great accomplishment!

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. It’s really dry out here. So orchids are very happy with our dryness.

  2. Congrats on the rebloom! I will admit that I didn’t know they didn’t normally do that, but my flower knowledge threshold is pretty much at the level of it is small and yellow in my yard, it must die.

    • Orchids seem to need a bit of hocus pocus for them to rebloom. Specialy in our dry climate. Thanks, Brian.

  3. Congrats on the orchid!! If it was bought at a retail store, it was most likely a hybid intented to live through only 1 bloom… so a 2nd bloom is a major achievement!!. I got one to rebloom but it died after that.

  4. Congratulations Timothy, our orchids are also blooming at this time and this for several years already. 🙂 Enjoy the beauty, yours is realy wonderful.

  5. Congratulations on the re-bloom of your first orchid! I’m sure it must give you a wonderful feeling to see such a beautiful flower.

      • You had Easter on Sunday. Happy belated Easter. Did you do anything special? Did Hera get to fetch some Easter eggs?

      • They do fireworks for Easter? Cool! Everyone is far to serious and solemn about it here. I think it’s time to close the great schism and shoot off fireworks here for Easter. Poor Hera. Our cats don’t mind fireworks, at 4th of July and the balloon fiesta, they go out on the deck to see what all the booming is about.

      • It’s customary as soon as the priest sings “He Is Risen…” to make noise. Different places in Greece have different customs [https://greekreporter.com/2023/04/14/greek-easter-traditions-customs-greece/]. It’s not just fireworks. It’s mainly fire crackers or shooting anything noisy! Which is the reason why I hated going to church on that day. Many accidents have happened during that celebration. The lightest side effect is temporary hearing loss! 🙄

      • Maybe some kind of wild. The resurrection should be a celebration. The Western church is too obsessed with the Devil and being solemn and serious. Christian killjoys.

  6. The orchid is beautiful, Tim. Hopefully it will give you many years of pleasure! I had one orchid that lasted about 5 years and then got some sort of fungal disease.

    • Once the ones we get that are blooming stop blooming, they usually just keep their green leaves. We might have found the right spot for reblooming. I put the one I had in my office in that spot. Thanks, Lavinia.

  7. Cool. Our grandma grew orchids. We grew orchids. The key, she told us, is not to overwater (once a week is fine), fertilize maybe twice a year (once is fine). She used bark chips as her growth medium. No potting soil. Other thing is to keep nosy kitties away. Susie and Pinky put an end to having pretty things inside.

    • We always leave them in whatever medium they come in. Our bonsai we have in Akadama. Maybe changing the orchids to bark chips would help. Thanks, Deborah.

    • Soil, altitude and sunsine really affect the colors out here. Black flowers are dark purple at best because they get bleached by the intense sunshine. We’re at 5000 feet above sea level. Thanks, Dawn.

      • It’s beautiful, but very brown compared to wetter areas. People who are used to lots of water and greenery ger a shock when they come out here.

      • Yes, I did encounter a woman at a nursing home who said it was so beautiful out there, but after a while she said she got sick of brown. I must admit, when I see photos, I feel drawn to it, want to go so badly, but passively have concerns that Murph and I may think the same after some amount of time.

      • Murph would love it out here. It’s arid like the Austrainlian deserts where beardies come from. You might get tired of the dryness, but then again, the enchantment factor might keep you here if you came out here. You don’t have to drive far to be in mountains and a different environment.

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