38 thoughts on “Fives

    • She really does. She has to compete with a gang of Alpacas who are starved for attention and treats times 10. Thanks, Deborah.

  1. Nice collection. BTW, do you know why one side of the flying V is usually longer than the other?

    • Because they are Off Center & Not Even? I assume it’s like a peloton in bicycle racing with the shorter side peals off before they drift to the back of the long line to recover. Thanks, Brad.

    • The dry irrigation ditch is between the roads (ditch banks) on the tree tunnel photo. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • The beavers are well. The conversancy did not take their dams out of the ditch last year, so maybe the fire marshall talked some sense into them.

    • Planted? Hay maybe, but, hey, I can’t say
      Ditch is wet this week
      I hope to get some water

      Thanks, Resa.

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