41 thoughts on “United Colors of Dawn

  1. Your trees are beginning to leaf out. Early this morning, more flocking with another inch of snow.

    • It was clear and cold here this morning. We need the precipitation. Be it rain or snow. Thanks, Deborah.

  2. You know how to capture beauty at any time of day, or night. The photos are very beautiful, Tim. I like Marinaโ€™s blooming Incognito Pear Tree, too. The blossoms help it stand out. Our own pear trees up here are not blooming yet.

  3. Your photography is exquisite Tim. You celebrate the many incarnations of our beautiful sky. Marinaโ€™s blooming Incognito Pear Tree is spectacular.

  4. That last shot looks like is the rare cottonball tree only found in the far reaches of the Papua New Guinea and books of middle earth lore.

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