55 thoughts on “Quatro Gotas

    • Absolutely. The old guys in Spain talked about only getting quatro gotas from the clouds. It’s stuck with me all these years. Thanks, Geoff.

    • I think you get all the rain before it gets here. What little rain the my be leftover is dropped off along the Continental Divide before the clouds get to us. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • I am in the Cascade foothills up in western Oregon, and our weather patterns mainly come in from west and southwest of us. We get what doesn’t get dumped over the Coast Range before the clouds sail up and over the Cascades. The other side of the Cascades is pine forest descending into scrub and high desert.

      • When stroms come up the Rio Grande Valley from the Gulf or down the Rio Grande Valley from the north, we can get real precipitation. We are in the rainshadows of the Sandias to the east and Mount Taylor and the Continental Divide to the west.

      • We don’t get many storms coming down from the north, though we do get some that come from the east, probably as some sort of circulating weather pattern. I’ve learned that we also have something like California’s Santa Ana winds in summer, a hot dry wind from the east. That was a significant factor in the 2020 fire season.

    • Gotas are drops en español
      Stupid autocorrect
      Kept changing gotas to goats
      It really got my goat.

      Thanks, Resa.

      • I’m trying to draw biker/motorcycle gowns.
        I’m definitely out of my comfort zone.
        Got lots of sewing done on Charlotte’s gown today. One good thing about no internet!

      • Bike chicks don’t wear much in the way of clothes. You definitely have to be creative to come up with a biker gown.

      • Tell me about it! LOL… I’ll send you a couple of my tries tomorrow.
        I’m incorporating rock music… “Born to be Wild” etc. into my thoughts.

      • “Heavy Metal Thunder!” Speaking of Heavy Metal, an old British opera singer who analyzed Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” said Black Sabbath was the first Heavy Metal Band. I had to correct her. Steppenwolf was, and they were the first group to say “Heavy Metal” in a song, Born To Be Wild. They released Born To Be Wild two years before Black Sabbath’s first album and a year before Born To Be Wild was used in Easy Rider. You know that I rode motorcycles from age 9 to 22, right?

      • Everything you say is true!
        I knew you rode, but didn’t know when.
        …. and you never ride anymore?

      • I still have a motorcycle license, but I haven’t ridden in years. Tristan and Craig have mortocycles, and pester me to get one. But there are so many distracted and angry drivers on the road these days they kill my desire to ride.

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