49 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Dance With Wind

  1. My tree!!!
    The blossoms are delicate and beautiful, like fairy skirts.
    Thank you, Tim!

    Was off line since last night some time. Just got back on about 15 mins. ago.
    ISP mix up.

    • It seem there was a lot of down Internet around the country yesterday. Tax Day too. Your tree is such a glam girl. Thanks, Resa.

      • A glam girl!!! Perfect.
        I’ll be using that when I finally make the “My Tree” post…. or whatever I’ll call it!

      • I call it Resa’s Tree, you can call it “My tree”. I just realized she is a glam gal.

      • Crazy!
        It’s one issue after the other here too.
        Now, when I see a video embedded in a blog, and want to go to youtube to view it,I am blocked.

      • Yeah!
        Just got back on line…… again…. after again… They said the issue was too technically complicated to explain. They re-installed everything!
        Wa off line for the better part of 4 days. Seems like a month went by.
        Got lots of sewing done! x

      • Amazing what you can get done with no Internet. Except at the office. Eveything is on the Internet.

  2. I smile every time I see Resa’s tree against the skyline like that. An old gnarled tree with character brings joy.

    I especially like the dark backgrounds on those bloom photos. Your beautiful trees are ahead of ours. Buds are developing now, and depending on the weather, we may see blooms next week on some of them.

    • You are more likely to get fruit and we are still in danger of hard frosts. I love the dark background portrait mode on the iPhone. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Like the purdy flowers on the dark background. You should turn those into greeting cards and make a fortune .. could even make up your own holidays – Happy First Day of Spring, Happy Second Sunday of the Month… limitless potential ha.

    • Happy Owlet Day. Happy Hawk Day. Happy Hooters (I think that one’s taken). Happy UFO Disguised As A Cloud Day. Happy Ghost Gone Plasmatic On Me Day. The holidays are endless. Thanks, Brian.

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