47 thoughts on “El Dia de los Muertos

  1. I had forgotten it is the Day of the Dead. I enjoyed your photo selection, especially the curled leaf on bark mulch and of course, good old Spunk, 🙂

    More wintry weather is finally settling in. 35 here this morning under overcast skies. Snow is predicted for next Wednesday.

  2. I love your lit candles, earth fruit and dried flowers, honoring the day. We should always remember those who are no longer with us. Amazing shots – as always, blade leaf, golden and fiery trees and last but not least… yes, Spunk! 😉

  3. Love your artistic photos for the occasion. I, too, capture the day moon. Unfortunately, was just outside work which is industrial and criss-crossed with wires of all sorts. When I zoomed in, I was rather shocked I got any detail – still way too fuzzy though!

  4. I as here yesterday around dinner. I was LMAO looking at the pic of Spunkie-Poo 💋, then the ding thing on the stove went off.
    The evening was on!
    I did a Chainelle last night. PBH has to have her enemy to fight! xo

  5. Bonus a Spunk two-for (I’m a little behind and working backwards to get caught up). If I were you, I’d file a complaint with the local cat union for unwarranted intimidation and threats!

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